Possible Disappointing Performance in the iPhone 6

A benchmark shows that apparently the iPhone 6 won’t get a major improvement over the iPhone 5S on performance.
That have sprung up from a screenshot app Geekbench, which apparently originated from an iPhone 6, and it shows that it is not the major improvements, we should expect for the iPhone 6, if you look at the engine the cancer.
Score from Geekbench is on 1633 for a single core and 2920 for all nuclei, and surely in itself is not much, but compared with iPhone 5S is not large, because the improvements scored 1306 and 2348.
The jump from the iPhone 5 for 5S for comparison was considerably larger, as it scored 710 and 1275. In other words, almost doubling from 5 for 5S, but how to go it might not this time.
It must be said, however, that this test has been run with the processor at 1, 38GHz, and it is something less than the 2 GHz many expect iPhone 6 will have, and therefore it may be a test phone that has a lower gearing than the final product will be.
If this holds true, we find out later today at 7 p.m. Danish time, and of course you can follow our live coverage of Apple event here.