Pregnancy Fashion Tips

During pregnancy, the body inevitably change. Every part of it more or less undergoes various changes. Even pregnancy have been long-awaited and desired not always accept these changes slightly from the mother. How to keep good spirits despite the changes in our body to like in these wonderful 9 months?

  • Do not eat for two, for three, the last time or ever. Eat moderately and wisely, does not follow a strict diet, but do not tread. Pick healthy foods, especially vegetables, fruits, legumes and lean meats. Your diet is important for your baby. The high quality is preferable to a large amount.

  • Take care of your skin. Stretch marks are the biggest enemy of the skin during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fashion Tips

Choose a good product that can improve the elasticity of your skin, and anoint themselves one even twice a day, especially in areas undergoing the greatest increase in volume – stomach, breasts, hips and thighs. Do not forget sun protection – during pregnancy pigmentation is amplified many times. In order to avoid the appearance of pigmented spots, always before sun exposure, apply cream not only the face but also on other uncovered body parts.

  • Pay attention to your hair. By pregnant does not mean that you can not trim or paint. The only thing you should take into consideration is to choose a more gentle hair dye because of the aggressive colors in it.
  • Do not forget the details – eyebrows, manicure, epilation. Although small, they give a finished look to any woman.
  • Selected appropriate clothing – to be a comfortable one garment, not necessarily ugly. Give up clothes with style bag if you want to stay feminine. Tunic with leggings or tights can be a great choice.
  • Move, work, be socially active. Pregnant does not mean ill. You can have a rich and interesting life, albeit with a big belly. Social contacts enliven and lift the mood. If you feel better and your pregnancy is not a risk, there is no problem to continue working. You will feel much more useful.
  • Exercise. If you exercise, before you become pregnant, pregnancy is not a reason to drastically reduce locomotor activity.