Pregnant with Style – Spring Look of Mamalicious

This outfit can wear both pregnant women, as well as all women without bulges. The new collection of mamalicious spread feeling emotions.
It was not, of course, the first thought, but he was quite a little ahead of the beginning of the pregnancy-I will be pregnant in the winter. That is, I have to wear always several layers, do not fit into a single thick winter jacke, only wear Ugg boots at the end and therefore have to spend quite a lot of money on rarely beautiful pregnancy clothes. Of course everything was half as wild at the end. I bought a single pregnancy pants with a high stretch band and luckily it was not so cold that I missed a thick down jacket. Also my feet still fit into my normal shoes – so were once again all fears for free. Nevertheless, I have often thought about how practical it is (at least in terms of clothing) to be pregnant in spring or summer. You wear all the time airy clothes and shirts, can completely dispense with jackets and runs anyway only in sandals and FlipFlops through the area.
With the typical pregnancy mode, this is strangely still a pain. Similar to fashion for oversizes, it seems that the designers are aesthetic. A good example is the Scandinavians. The Danish modelabel mamalicious specializes in pregnancy and breastfeeding, which can often be extended even after birth. In Scandinavian minimalism, current trends are being transferred to the needs of spheres and suddenly the concept works.
Luckily, it was also obvious for the creative people to bring a suitable children’s collection onto the market, so that the little ones with Mami can also start in the partner look into life. From February 2015 the miniature looks are available and I can tell you now that they are so heart-loving and cool at the same time that every fashion heart beats higher. The new collection MINIMIZE I will introduce you soon in detail and start today with you ever thought in the spring. I have not let it take me to the new collection of mamalicious under the magnifying glass to take at least a very small bit to the benefit of light, summery pregnancy looks.
You can also win my favorite outfit today – for all the Mamis and all those who just want to have some fresh colors and airy shapes.