Price-Conscious Camping With Children

You can easily spend 10.000 euro holiday. Two weeks to book a luxurious all inclusive accommodation and you easily exceed that amount. You certainly have a wonderful holiday, but so expensive a holiday does not need to be natural, or? My experience is that children need not so much. Some boyfriends and girlfriends at the campsite were already comfortable. This is also the case, you will see your children probably only at dinner and when you go to bed. In short, even with a limited budget, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday. And if you avoid even the use paths and boulevards, then your holiday needs to be not necessarily expensive. Vacationing in a ‘smaller’ holiday destination, often also much less pay. I like to share my tips to camp in a budget-conscious way.

Tip 1: make holiday outside the school holidays period
Have children and they are not yet of school age can take work because outside of school holidays in holiday itself? Do this also. Many campsites are cheaper and also a quiet by half. Walk your children to school, then you are tied to the school holidays, but also within the school holidays the prices can vary widely. Go for example to Italy? Then, the rates are usually cheaper in July than if you go in August. Start the holidays in your area early on, drive immediately in holiday. You’re as last, then too late drive in holiday. Thus you can save quite a few tens. What also influenced the price, is whether even the holiday season has started in your holiday destination. If that is not the case, then be save you! The Dutch may leave for example is still not as well known in Italy, so this holiday Netherlanders in Italy can make pretty cheap holiday.
Tip 2: choose a small camping site
There are camping sites listed in, from 2 to over 1,000 parking spaces. Vacationing in a very popular area, then pay the prize. The demand is then get higher than the offer. Opt else look for something and choose a small campsite, a farm camping, for example. You are beautiful, you surround the still unknown nature, so there is still much to discover. The pitches are usually spacious. That there is less facilities than on a 5-star camping site on the Mediterranean coast, could be a disadvantage, but I promise you, almost immediately, most children have fun with other kids. And the cliche is true: If the children have fun, then your holiday also succeeded. Bathing water is pleasant, of course, but there needs to be no Superluxuriösen pool, because a small lake is also great. Then you can take the boat also wonderfully!
Tip 3: start on time with packing
Create a list with things that you want to take in the holiday, even for the children in good time before your departure. Check whether the swimsuit of your son’s still fit or that it would be better to buy a new. Start too early with the packing. So you save not only stress but also money. You see, namely immediately, what is missing you. And if you’re lucky, the summer sale has already started, so you buy this swimsuit at a very reasonable price. And you might find some other great things. Believe me, because it happened to us, if you need to buy things on the ground, these are usually more expensive than at home.
Tip 4: buy on the market or at the grocery store
You do of course also shopping on vacation, unless you will stay at an all inclusive resort. While on vacation, you make no circumstances around a bag of cookies, a bag chips or wonderful ice. But the Dora the Explorer cookies or magnums are often much more expensive than in the supermarket in the village or in the town in the small shop on the camp site. The supermarket is then slightly farther away, but there definitely much savings. You and your family like ice and have a cooler that can also freeze? Then take ice cream from the supermarket. For the price of a whole package you buy probably only a piece on the campsite. Holiday visit markets, is too much fun. There are products that you find at home probably not often. And the offer of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit is often enormous. And cheaper than in the campsite supermarket.
Tip 5: make yourself
Of course, I have no idea, how it looks with your children, but my children were not the best Eater in the past, you can already, ‘ what the farmer does not know…’. You can go then already expensive food, but then your kids often get something that you don’t know and like, so the plates go untouched back to the kitchen. Is also in many countries in the restaurant food give an expensive matter. So, cook it yourself! Holiday Cook much more relaxed because there’s no calendar, which says that your kid to soccer practice or music lessons you want to vacation. At the campsite you cook just fine on a gas stove or Skottelbraai. Would you look like to eat out in a restaurant, then avoid the Boulevard or other busy roads. See in particular tourists (you recognize which hold good) in the restaurant? Then go to the side streets or alleys. Probably you will find the local population there, and that’s a good sign. Where she eats, the quality is great and the food also. You have to cook no desire on vacation, then choose a cheaper holiday destination. We ate in the Czech Republic even with 8 people for not even 50 euros. It was not a special meal, but it was enough in any case. In Germany eat compared to the Netherlands cheaper, but in countries as Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia away eat often still more friendly for the purse. And, Ah, if your kids like only French fries with sausage. Two weeks they will survive. Once at home cook just back to health.
Tip 6: find out what kind of activities you can do
If you leave it to your children, play the whole holiday probably, day out, day out with friends. Swim together, build huts, play hide and seek, dancing and so on. These activities cost nothing at all. What we always did, is that our children even packed a bag or box with toys or crafting items. We needed not to make and the kids had the things here they want to play with the. Their children have to do enough and you finally have time for yourself. Finally read the great book, what you look forward to. But you would also look to leave the campsite and look at the environment? Explore the Internet or a travel guide for cool excursions before your holiday. Sometimes, you can buy cheaper over the Internet tickets and need to stand not snake. In the Internet you will find also great blogs from people who have already explored the region and who definitely good suggestions for excursions.
Tip check the Internet 7: in advance
Even I have little experience with it, but for my grandchildren, it’s almost a first life need: Wi-Fi. My children are already infected with the Wi-Fi virus. Is it important for you and your family to Wi-Fi? Then opt for a camping site with Wi-Fi. So, you save much money and dull faces of your children is… No Wi-Fi access has your campsite? Before your holiday, check the cheapest rates for Internet when you travel abroad. You don’t do this or set roaming, then you get an unpleasant memory of the holiday in the form of a high court after your holiday most likely.
So, these are only 7 tips. Of course, there are not many more tips. Help me to expand the number of tips? Perhaps some readers can immediately apply your tips during your next holiday.