Pursues The King Ice in The Hour of Adventure Game

Adventure time, or Adventure Time in its version, is one of the time series and our colleagues go yourself you can confirm it, or even I myself am a big fan. As any series that succeeds, merchandising has been removed, in the case of Android we have the game Super Jumping Finn.
The story of the game is very similar to the television series: the ice King has kidnapped the Princess bubble gum to try and marry her and Finn and Jake, the heroes of the country of Ooo, should contact their support. However, they do not want to go the easy way and instead of going to his enemy on foot, prefer Finn to cross half the world thanks to a kick with force.
The game is controlled in a very simple way: must give power to kick farther away, getting high and fast better, allowing more kicking in the air. In mid-flight, we will have help of several characters from the series, such as Marceline and Lady Arcoiris, which will help us to keep us in the air more time.
The better the flight more stars will win, and can spend those stars in improving both Jake’s skills as the of the auxiliary characters, prolonging the time in the air. Another way to get stars is completing quests to be enforced on the same flight in which you delivered. The biggest downside game is its price, 2.23€, a little high but not removed to make it a highly recommended game for fans of the series to recreate in a way or another series strange situations.

Super Jumping Finn Version 1.02

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Cartoon Network EMEA
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 2.23€
  • Category: Tools

Play Super Jumping Finn and kick some butt with Finn and Jake! The evil Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum and it’s up to Finn and Jake to rescue her.
The Ice King’s fortress is in the far away Frozen Land and the only way Finn will ever get there to rescue the princess is for Jake to kick him all the way. Launch Finn into the air with Jake completo mighty kick and keep him flying through the air by riding shooting stars, getting a lift with Lady Rainicorn or getting a whack from Marceline completo axe guitar. Watch out for those penguins though!
With each jump you earn stars that can be used to upgrade and unlock skills and characters to help Finn fly faster, higher and further! How far can you get Finn to fly?
Super Jumping Finn is another awesome game from Cartoon Network. You know what time it is… it’s Adventure Time!