Quadcopter Aeromodelling W608 7 Pathfinder Version 1.0

The new star in the sky model airplane is the brand new Quadrocopter W608-7 Pathfinder 1.0 with HD camera and 2.4GHz radio control. He makes the hearts of fans drones higher. Because with this camera drone be had dreams, and indeed at a very reasonable price. Since the launch of Pathfinder 1.0 W608-7 many model aircraft fans can desire fulfill a more than 50 cm size drone in the trendy design and be equipped with HD camera to call his own. For a Quadrocopter in this size and with a top design current one is fast arrived at twice the price compared to this model. The Pathfinder 1.0 not only looks good, no, he also has a lot of power under the hood. The 4 drive motors are well sized to catapult the drone quasi in the sky, depending on how you dosed the speed via the throttle. In keeping with the great design LED lamps are mounted in the colors white and green at the bottom.These serve to facilitate detect the position of the quadricopter and offer in the dark a very nice visual effect. The W608-7 is a successful entry-level model at a reasonable price. For more information, photos and technical details on this and many other Multicoptern with camera in it Quadrocopter online shop of Phonecations.