Radio Station Dabendorf EGO Look

Radio station Dabendorf thinks it good with his hands free flagship EGO look ($199): the current version of the test winner goes with three innovations at the start.

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So should the Radio station Dabendorf EGO look even better sound, more respond to the used mobile and – hoopla – the iPod control. It costs 30 euros less than the old model.

The look looks good

2.2 inch color display, piano lacquer finish – the head of the EGO family has been purely visually extravagant and thus earns his name ‘Look’. So anyone who places value on functionality plus aesthetics, is right here.

In the box you will find the beautiful swivel display, a cordless rotary press remote and the black box. The box disappears behind the instrument panel, display and remote control are an ornament for each car. Too bad that a cell phone holder euros surcharge (79).

She sounds even better

Polished up the Radio station from Dabendorf have not already glossy surface of Radio station Dabendorf EGO but look, but among other things his heart – the audio performance. The call quality will be according to product manager Frank Borrmann speaker and interlocutor alike “actually perfect”. A promise that is confirmed in practice: The look sounded in the test actually still a little clearer than the already excellent predecessor. Even at high speeds on the highway, the interlocutors understood almost faultlessly. And if problems in terms of intelligibility should insist, is the sensitivity of the microphone just slightly lower.

The control panel radio with the supplied battery and is therefore wireless and flexible space in the car. However, the difficult rotating shutter of remote control is an obstacle. With a little force, but succeeds to insert the battery. Easily absorbs the remote connection to the handsfree: reaches a second nose pressing both buttons of the control panel and it makes contact with the plant automatically from now on even after changing the battery.

Operation and handling

Irritation provides however, that the pressure point on the two buttons of the remote control is still little clear, the buttons are not lit and also appear in reversed order on the screen of Radio station Dabendorf EGO look. Also, the enclosed operating instructions is somewhat sparse. A closer look there but on the homepage of Radio station Dabendorf – this flaw is quite bearable.

Positive in terms of handling: the handsfree has it once – the PIN is read out loud even – coupled a mobile via individual PIN-entry with the look, every time again independently establishes the connection. In general the system also smart responds to inputs and is automatically brought up to date when you first turn.

IPod docks

Already the old Radio station Dabendorf EGO dominated look music streaming via Bluetooth A2DP, and the transmission of mobile music on the handsfree works also remains perfectly. Now the stylish handsfree could call however rightly “iLook”, because a further improvement is the optional EGO iDapter (65 euros). He is with him include iPod, whose akku is loaded while driving; the music is transmitted via line-in on the car hi fi system.

Also, the new Radio station Dabendorf facility now offers an own menu item for the cult player, which leads directly to a convenient iPod interface. Then is the player intuitively operate by radio via the wheel press. Just as quickly, the coupling with the iPod – works namely without any intervention.

Compatibility and equipment

The third change concerns the advanced compatibility of Radio station Dabendorf EGO look; especially Nokia benefited from this improvement. For the ranks of smartphones Radio station Dabendorf Extensions provides now, including an automatic phonebook download. Also, to use the software-side improvements, it is generally recommended, to download the latest updates from the Download Center at The updates Christine into the underground one after you download easily via Bluetooth on the handsfree.

The innovations the Radio station Dabendorf EGO hangs out with the competition in terms of facilities further look than ever before – even the old version had a stunning voice control on board. The system on demand easily handles even large numbers. In addition, she synthesized phone book entries by text to speech. So even numbers can be with the voice selected, which previously not have been recorded on the phone. It is convenient that the handsfree himself reads aloud SMS via text to speech with a clear voice.


The new Radio station Dabendorf EGO look sounds even better than the old, with the iPod, even loaded, of course, and is compatible with more devices. Thus she can reap more some points compared to its predecessor.

Technical data and test results

Electronics box (W x H x D in cm) 13.0 x 2.2 x 5.5
Mobile holder passive / charging /
Microphone / speaker Ext. /.
own telephone book (number of entries) 10000
Transfer phonebook from phone
Color display
to display SMS read / write /
own volume control
Lighting display / remote control /
automatic call acceptance
Radio mute
Voicemail (voice recorder)
Dictate number / name store (number) / 10000
Select voice dial / name from phonebook /
Read SMS Virgo.
Read the telephone book entries
Helper / keyword detection /
Profile rSAP / handsfree / headset / /
SIM card reader / antenna /
Data interface Bluetooth
Universal micro input / audio output /
Relay / ISO connectors /
Optional: VDA connection


FACILITIES within 120 good (101)
Comes with 20 17
Comfort features 40 33
Voice control 15 15
Connectivity / compatibility max. 45 36
HANDLING maximum 180 very good (155)
Operating 65 57
Installation 50 36
Voice control 20 20
Processing 45 42
TRANSFER up to 200 very good (184)
Sound fixed 80 75
Sound 80 car 77
Behaviour at high speed 40 32
JUDGMENT Max 500 very good for 440