Recycle Old Cutlery

What to do with old flatware that are no longer used because mismatched, inherited or unpleasant enough to spoil the expected meal? It is trite rhetoric, but recycling saves everyone and everything, and the results are endless.

Jewel cutlery

And if in summer, the hour of the most original jewel, the do-it-yourself is the surest way to success. To make a bracelet-fork must only recover some staid old, a clamp, a rubber mallet, a felt and a file.
Once the felt cloth lying on the worktop, we proceed to the manipulation of the cutlery, which must not be of stainless steel, but possibly aluminum, because it easy to fold. Also a silver, perhaps an unmatched fork would be perfect and precious.
Proceed hammering the prongs of the fork, to flatten the convex area. When will it become a slash straight, with your hands and with the pliers, you can bend it. Once the cuff has taken shape with the file or with the abrasive paper, eliminates the edges between a tooth and the other and especially flatten the tips because they do not have to bother to the arm.
The last step is more decorative. With the gripper can fold the prongs to make them swayed, curled or treated as if they were the Medusa hair.
Things Sisa presents: “When the cutlery becomes jewel”, bracelets, pendants and rings created reinventing common tools. Sisa creates truly unique and precious objects that can be manufactured and customized on request in his blog.
Another idea is to cut with a hacksaw, the final part of a laid and turn it into a  pendant ; in this case it is also perfect dessert cutlery, of smaller dimensions. With a tip drill will end made ​​a small hole through which to pass a necklace or a colorful cord. And here is a pendant and chic alternative.

Lampshade cutlery

Here the tutorial to make a cute recycled chandelier. These objects can give the environment really interesting luminous atmosphere, because the cutlery reflect light, sparkle over who will play if it moves between them.

Paperweights cutlery

Always with the help of a little ‘strengths and pliers, you can bend the forks so that they become a right support to be of paperweights or leads photographs.
Also left in their original form and expanse, but drilled out and hung on the wall, might be sympathetic objects in which to spend a few souvenir postcard.

AppendiCose cutlery

Hung directly on the wall or on a wooden support, the cutlery can be used as a hanger, hang-cups, tea towels or pot holders, hang-necklaces and much, much more.

Cutlery outdoor

And in the garden or on the terrace, cutlery become wind rattles and spoons labels for the garden.