Recycled Beach Towels

You haven’t resisted and this summer at sea you bought those beautiful colored towels that were on offer in that lingerie store that you like so much? You gave your kids robes and poncho with their favorite characters? What are you going to do about old towels? Will occupy a large part of the closet? Will be transferred to the seaside home of aunt? Throw them in the bin of used clothes?

There is, as usual, a solution for the more creative and more adept at sewing: Recycle the sponge to create new objects for the summer and for the home. Here’s what I found out:

  • A few easy steps and you’ll have a bag to go to the Beach
  • Martha Stewart
  • Yet for beach and pool, a backpack for children
  • Still, these bags are small and cute, for summer afternoons.
  • For the Garden, for a day trip on the grass or even to the beach. The canopy with the pillow.
  • You have patience? With old towels you could achieve even a bathroom mat.
  • For babies, here’s a bath robe made with an old towel from Franciscogardening.
  • Go see the post we published on the bath apron, you might achieve this by recycling old sponges.
  • So how could you get door phones and mp3 port , bibs for baby food, breastfeeding pillows. Do you have any other ideas? Send them to us!