Resident Evil and Other Capcom Jewelry Come to Android… But Only in Japan

Capcom still committed to bring their video game franchises to smartphones, being Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter y Resident Evil those who have just come to Android. However, not everything is good news, since these games, despite the popularity in the gaming sector, are only available in Japan.
Previously announced one year ago the arrival of the first three games of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for Android After passing through iOS. The game, originally for Game Boy Advance and it arrived in Europe for the Nintendo DS, puts us in the role of a lawyer that takes three days to resolve the cases to defend its clients.
In the case of Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, It is not a direct port of any game of the franchise. Great scenarios, exploration and hunting of other games in the series are left to us directly to fight one on one against the monsters to defeat the best possible time.
We ended up with one of the sagas of best-known zombies in the sector, Resident Evil. In this port of its version for iOS of the fourth installment of the saga, Leon Scott Kennedy, who already had his appearance in other games, returns to confront an epidemic, but for anything that was found previously. This installment leaves aside the survival horror franchise and leaves us with a game with more action.
As we have already said, games only have come in Japan, no clear news of when to reach Western countries. Not it is worth recalling that this limitation can jump through the application Market Enabler that allows to change the PLay Store country to access content that we can not access from Spain.