Retro Interior Decor For a Wedding And Valentine's Day

Reasons for a family celebration very much! As a recognized and favorite holidays, and touching family events and celebrations-Every family they own House Decoration for the holiday creates a happy and a good atmosphere in the family, brings joy and uplifting. Allow yourself the luxury of a charming-as a festive decoration of the house just for the mood! This is not necessarily expensive and difficult-you will see for yourself, if you can see this great photo gallery albums decor ideas with their own hands.

For inspiration! Home decorating ideas with their own hands – a festive home decoration, decoration of the house for a good mood, the ideas of interior decor-I have prepared for you several thousands of interesting ideas! Treat yourself and loved ones! Be happy!
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Shabby Chic Style (shabby chic) is a kind of vintage, home decoration on wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, but simply to create a sweet and romantic atmosphere, with decor retro or vintage decor looks very touching, quiet and cute. Colours-beige and cream colors with pastel shades of other colors, simple and crude natural fabrics for tablecloths, napkins and decor, jammed surface, pearl beads, rose boutonniere. Use old greeting cards, writing paper, old things-they are so much charm! You can make wreaths of vintage buttons and spools, or garlands of fresh or dried buds of roses, put a plain white candles-and voila, romantic interior decoration in retro style to create an intimate and family warm atmosphere set. Romantic decor, romantic home decoration: -Romantic table decoration-Romantic home decoration-decoration of wedding table in the summer-Festive decoration of dishes-decoration house flowers-summer and autumn decor ideas