Retro Kitchen

Retro style is one of the search options decor of the kitchen, because it is associated with comfort and security. But retro style also has its advantages and disadvantages. Retro kitchen-for or against?

Retro Kitchen-Colors, Furniture, Ideas
Retro kitchen for a romantic type of people who like to look to the past because it associated with pleasant childhood memory or simply their stirs a sense of calm and security.
Usually kitchens in retro style are colorful and eye-catching, because they use a neutral or earthy colors and a more bright and noticeable. Go retro kitchen and pastel tones, such as peppermint green is of high priority. Often retro kitchen is decorated in crisp white and decorated with colorful accents in yellow or turquoise.
Usually the main material in a retro kitchen tree. Glass and aluminum, which are typical for modernist styles, enjoy the lowest priority. Trademark retro kitchen is colorful mosaic around the sink, which nowadays can be fine in a combination of two colors or It includes larger tiles, which have painted fruits, vegetables and typical kitchen motives.
When it comes to furnishing retro kitchen must be borne in mind here that the lines are softer and not so strict as in minimalism example. Particular attention is paid to the interior textiles, which becomes part of the retro decor of the room. Kitchen towels, beautiful tablecloths, soft trails and neat curtains are required for almost any retro kitchen.
Retro Kitchen-For Or Against
People who like retro elements support the thesis of the kitchen in this style, because I find it more comfortable than a Scandinavian or minimalist decor because of small details. Moreover retro kitchen exudes mood as it is decorated in bright colors. The third reason why retro kitchen is not obsolete is that it is just as functional as the others because it does not prevent her from using modern equipment.
At the same time, opponents believe the retro kitchen for people who live in the past and do not want to accept the innovations of the present. It is because of the design of the kitchen equipment, they believe that retro kitchen is boring and ordinary and contradicts the words glamor and luxury. Moreover, this redundancy in the decor and the excessive use of home textiles make it difficult to maintain than the hostess.