Review: Alcatel OneTouch Evo 7 Tablet [video]

Many tablets go through our hands with unusual proposals. To be honest, there are many differences between them, even among those who aim to attract the same segment.
Among the most common, we have tablets with basic settings that aim to offer a minimum of performance at a price that fits in the consumer’s pocket.
The Alcatel OneTouch Evo 7 is one of many that fit into this category and that try to attract attention with a really low value. The great advantage of this model over many competitors is precisely the name of the manufacturer, who has long been known for working with mobile phones.
The settings are simple, and it is at this point that we are left with doubts about the actual capabilities of the product. In this analysis, we will check closely the visual, performance and other aspects of the Evo 7. As usual, first of all, we will see the technical information of the device.
The Alcatel OneTouch Evo 7 tablet was loaned through the Mega Mamute store.



The Alcatel OneTouch Evo 7 impresses at first. The look was well thought out, with soft curves that make the footprint comfortable. The buttons are strategically positioned and also match the rest of the set.
The rubberized plastic coating gives the feeling of quality, which is also noticeable by the finish in the construction. There are no traces of screws on the outside, something that is excellent from the aesthetic point of view.
The back cover is easy to remove(useful for installing the 3G module), but that does not mean that any minimal effort will leave the product hardware exposed.
Despite having a consistent look and a whimsy in the construction, the design of the Evo 7 leaves a little to be desired. The back cover even matches the buttons, but it looks very weird along with a frieze that gives access to the speaker. Of course, you can not complain too much about a low-cost product, can you?

Poor quality screen

The first time we turned on the device we noticed some serious problems, especially on the screen. To tell you the truth, the display was well below our expectations, demonstrating that Alcatel has saved itself in one of the most important components.
First, we have the issue of brightness, which is not reinforced and can be a problem in very bright environments-or try to use the device against sunlight, because you can not see anything.
Another serious problem is display technology, which makes it impossible to see the content at obtuse angles. Basically, you can only use the product if you have it in front of you. Any movement to the side, up or down already results in serious distortions in the colors.
However, the worst is the low screen setting. The resolution is common in products as cheap as this, but with so many defects, this Evo 7 ends up providing a terrible experience even for reading content on the web.
In addition to the visual issues, the display has poor recognition when the user touches the screen. Even though you click carefully on a particular region, the tablet can interpret more than one ring simultaneously. This is a major problem, especially when it comes to using the keyboard, making it almost impossible to enter passwords correctly.

Android and hardware lagged

The experience of using the product is something that really disappointed us. While bringing the Android operating system in its “pure” version-which we think is excellent, since it avoids any apps and settings that only overload the interface-the hardware simply can not handle the message.
First, we must point out that this decision not to mess with Android was smart, since it guarantees lightness to the system. However, it is worth noting that Alcatel has stumbled upon insisting on such an old version of the operating system. Yeah, it comes with the Ice Cream Sandwich and, worst of all, it has no update. Disappointing!
Evo 7 runs basic apps like Facebook and Gmail, but do not expect much more than that. It has only 800 MB of RAM(as we checked with specialized application) and a one core processor, which has difficulty running up to the system.
Seriously, product performance is one of the worst we’ve seen on tablets. We had a lot of problems with interface crashes, with long delays to open the menu and a lot of waiting time to be able to take advantage of the content in the browser.
Apps take a long time to get ready for use, and do not expect to run quality games. By the way, we could only play with the simpler games, when we had space to install. Too bad!
To make matters worse, this tablet only has 1 GB of storage space. That’s too little to save files(be it music or photos), but it’s absurdly limited when it comes to more modern games.
Very important detail: after using the WiFi for a long time or running around playing games, the tablet gets so hot that it is almost impossible to hold it. Our handset has scored more than 53 degrees celsius, as you can check up. Absurd!

Battery, camera and audio

The Evo 7’s battery did not impress in our joint test, but stayed within range. It has been possible to enjoy videos for almost 4 hours in a row, but this is not the ideal tablet to use all day. We realized this during the recording of the analysis, when the battery came to present more serious problems and exhaust in only 2 or 3 hours.
As an entry tablet, it is normal for the Evo 7 not to bring a rear camera. However, the front camera could be a bit better. It breaks a branch for those who have nothing better, but the VGA quality does not help much in the selfies.
Alcatel even tried to be cool by sending headphones along with the tablet, but it did not work very well because the components are of poor quality. It’s the cheapest guy that hurts his ears. The sound of the headphones and the tablet also do not help, since you can only hear the treble and rolls a lot of distortion.




Only the general test of AnTuTu worked on the Alcatel tablet.


Due to lack of memory, only the Ice Storm test was run on the Alcatel One Touch Evo 7.

Worth it?

It’s okay that we’re talking about a tablet of 200 reais and we need to give a discount, since the parts were made for a basic experience, but simply can not recommend the Alcatel OneTouch. It was far below our expectations and certainly will not give the expected return to the consumer who wants to save money.
Our experience with the product was frustrating in several ways. The look convinces, but the hardware is so weak it can not handle more recent games. The constant crashes were very difficult, not to mention the high temperature and the poor quality screen.
It would be better for the company to bet on better quality components and to sell a little more expensive than to deliver a product more or less. What happens is that we are even annoyed by the slowness and the poor quality of the device. If you want a cheap Android, the  Acer Iconia B1 is worth it!
The Alcatel OneTouch Evo 7 tablet can be purchased from the Mega Mamute store .