Review: Our Site XL Live IQ Routes Europe

With the top models, Our site has brought its IQ routes technology on the road. Meanwhile, even the smaller Toms have intelligent routes on board, such as the Our site XL live IQ routes Europe.

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Built-in mobile

Otherwise as specified with the Our site XL IQ routes ($199) is built into the live version so to speak a phone about every three minutes the current traffic data is queried. This premium traffic information service is three months from date of purchase including, then 9.95 euro accrues monthly.

Interestingly, IQ routes tends to swinging, not always were invaded a local. So, the Our site XL live IQ routes chose partly apparent detours, surprisingly often proved very useful during our tests in the city centre. So, one wonders why you are parallel to the main street with its Our site. The answer could be: because there fewer traffic lights – 20 seconds are saved. Something adds up, even if the feeling to be right, is more pronounced on main roads. IQ routes whets the routing-Wort, which hung on the small Toms.

Our site so achieved his aim, to build really good Navis in the medium price range? Almost. Except with the now good route choice, the Dutch continue to shine with very liquid and well-to-use menu. Only the settings menu can take some time. There is also a button, to detoxify the menu to a few entries.

Simple map display

Now who ever had a Our site, copes with the new. But this also means that the fairly simple Our site map display has remained unchanged. The voice acting is also for a long time a construction site. An announcement such as “Pull it” Although the content understandable and points the way, but it is not nice and eloquent. This becomes especially compared with exceptionally polite and eloquent moderating Navi systems. And: the ride through long tunnels acknowledged the Our site XL live IQ Routes Our site XL live IQ routes with the demolition of the navigation.

For now, but who needs the XL in the live version? Because this service costs around 10 euros a month, it’s worth more for frequent travelers. Normal driver access instead to the only IQ routes-version – and save.

Data sheet

The read setting monitor contrast / angle /
Alternative route / manual storage function /
Show current street name / next /
Display distance / time to destination /
dynamic navigation TMC / TMC Pro / GSM / /
Color display / diagonal screen size (inch) / 4.3
Map / 3D /
Crossing / auto zoom /
Representation of the arrow / map can /
Route choice short / fast /
Route exclusion toll roads / ferries /
Speed dial / configurable /
Additional cards available
Number of special target groups 61
Travel guide function / include /
Custom POIs / POI warning function can be used /
Track info text & map /
Destination input house number / intersection / postal code / /
Destination entry POI location / destination /
Destination entry milestones
Destination entry letter suppression / selection /
Destination input map / coordinates /
Destination entry last destinations (more than one)
Target store editable
Interfaces BT USB
Total storage / memory space (MB) internally 2000
Connectivity accessories
Audio sound control / DSP /
CC / CD / MP3 / /
DVD-video / DAB / DVB-T / /
Email / SMS functionality /
GSM connection possible / integrated /
Telematics features analog / digital /
Image / video Viewer / camera / /


Test results
Equipment Cap 100 satisfactory (70)
Navigation 70 70
Communication 20 0
Entertainment 10 0
Handling max. 150 very good (138)
Operation 60 60
Destination entry 60 59
System speed 20 19
Voice control 10 0
Guidance up to 150 well (124)
acoustic guidance 50 43
optical guidance 75 64
Positioning accuracy 25 17
Route calculation MAX 100 very good (93)
Overland 30 30
City 30 28
dynamically 40 35
JUDGMENT Max 500 425 very good
Price / performance satisfactory
tested in issue: NC5 / 09