Review: Received Parts of the Korova Oversized T-Shirts, Jogger Pants

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, there’s Review in today’s Male fashion? I like! haha and is a national brand that had not yet had direct contact, but a lot of people know and comments about: KOROVA. Got some parts of them (how Tall Tees, Hoodie, Jogger Pants, Jeans) and I decided to put my opinion about each one here, to share with you that the brand will really, really, besides the sweatpants. Bora pro post take a look and get to know better all this?
I’ve never had close contact with the products of KOROVA , clothing and everything else, but had already indicated the mark here on the Blog a few times, as in the post Where To Find Jogger Pants, do you remember?
And one thing I noticed is that whenever indicated the KOROVA in male Fashion you talked to me“Our Coloral, thought the brand had only that model of sweatpants” haha Actually this model of Pants with typography emblazoned on front became popular enough, but the products go far beyond that, I really was impressed upon entering the online store of the guys in those times and see the amount and variety of models that are available.
Very complete clothing from, the KOROVA crap with T-shirts, sweatshirts and Oversized Elongated, Tall Tees, tank tops, Hoodies (Sweatshirts without Sleeve, short sleeve, Raglans), pants, Twill Pants Jogger Jogger Jeans, Biker Jeans, uffa, among other various options haha
Separated under a Review of the pieces that got them TIME, let’s see, in particular the information and what I thought of each one? Just click on the links and in the photos to visit the page of products, closed? GO \o
1) Tall Tee Double-Sided Marbled Uses
Yes, Yes, Yes, that’s what you read: double-sided. This Tall Tee of the KOROVA is double sided, so you can use both sides TIME, mass, right? To start talking about the products, could not fail to mention that modeling them is wider, so, for example, I have 1.79 Coriander and 70 kg, I’m using size G T-shirt, she got a little large, I’m sending the seamstress, the right for me would be the M, although I found nice usability in this looser style, oversized.
But even so the cut is very mass and the trim on the body too, as you can see there in the photos. Produced in cotton, light fabric, and this doesn’t weigh marbled washing I quite liked, pretty cool to add emphasis to a more basic look. The bar of this t-shirt is well curved, very even, for those who enjoy that kind of modeling, is a full plate.
2) Diagonal Burgundy Hoodie
Who accompanies me on my personal channels should already know that I like a lot of Overlap in visual, eh? Well and if you have a piece that I think really cool for this Hoodie. In this model I got from the KOROVA he appears in sleeveless, hooded sweatshirt with bar in diagonal cut, very nice to include layers in look, with a t-shirt underneath, for example.
This piece was UPTIGHT, you won’t need any adjustment, I received the model M and me (1.79 and 70 kg) dressed perfect. It’s not a sweatshirt so thick, so it’s a good option for our tropical Brazil and caliente haha.
3) Tall Flat Tee
I got these other two models of Tall Tees of the KOROVA, who already are flat, unlike the first which is Marbled and double-sided. But the fit is quite similar. Same footprint that commented,modeling, the photos I’m wearing the size G, thinking here of sending adjust only one of them and the other leaving more Oversized, even to create Overlapping with other shirts, I think it’s going to be fine mass.
The sleeves of these t-shirts are already pré-dobradas, partially sewn to this shape, pretty cool.100% cotton, light fabric, these flat pieces I referred rather to the latest collections from Yeezy, Kanye West’s brand, it may be that by shades of colors used, huh, this Green Stone and Brown Sand.
4) Twill Jogger Pants
As I said above, had placed the KOROVA as an option to buy the Jogger Pants of Twill, but had not yet experienced. I got those two different colors: Brown and camel. Once again highlight the trim parts, which is very mass, are not Heavy Pants, Twill, can be good options to use during the day, with Sun and everything else.
Those who came here for HQ are in size M (once again my height and weight: 1.79 and 70 kg), I will send the seamstress adjust, because I like to wear Pants a little more fair than the shape of the pictures. The jogger model of KOROVA has no belt loop, but has elastic waist and DrawString to adjust the body and the horse of the pants are a little lower, that is pretty cool to use with the T-shirts. Summary of the Opera: quite liked the Joggers, good!
5) Jeans Dark Blue Bikerz
Hadn’t seen this Biker Jeans model here in Brazil yet. Style that is pretty strong for the StreetWear in gringa, with these details corrugated in the knee, which facilitate the movement of the leg. In addition, this model of the KOROVA has spandex, too, then the elasticity of these pants is very good, I like it.
Slim model, was pretty uptight in my body (1.79 tall and 70 kg), the photos I’m using size 40, I think I’ll just send adjust a bit on cinnamon because I like the Pants more fair, but otherwise Okay okay, tough that happens with new pants, good haha.