Review Sandberg USB Hub with Micro USB Ports

Do you need to multiply the number of ports available for your PC or Mac? Sandberg has the solution with its USB Hub with Smartphone Sync.
On some computers, especially if they are already of a certain age, it may be vital to have a solution that enhances the ability to simultaneously connect several devices: a USB stick, a printer, an external hard drive, a keyboard, a mouse, a Smartphone.
The Sandberg USB Hub has up to 3 USB 2.0 standard ports and a micro USB connection : the micro USB connection will be the necessary one to synchronize contents of a mobile phone or tablet, which is a clear advantage from the point of view of productivity.
The main USB connection has some thickness, and in it we will appreciate a light in blue indicating that the device is operational.The Sandberg USB Hub has a plastic finish, with a completely smooth surface.
Having a USB port replicator on becomes an excellent resource even if the computer (desktop or laptop) brings apparently more than enough USB inputs: n Sometimes we may need to simultaneously connect more devices than usual.
The Sandberg USB Hub has been very useful in one of my recent activities when trying to install software on an Acer Iconia W510 tablet, whose removable keyboard only has a standard USB 2.0 port.I was able to connect an additional external keyboard and an external DVD drive to manage the installation of the operating system.
What are the reasons or why should we purchase a USB Hub like this one from Sandberg ?
To duplicate ports available on tablets with Android operating system or Windows 8 / RT, which usually bring limited connections.
To duplicate ports on laptops or computers of a certain seniority.
To upload or synchronize mobile devices such as media players or mobile phones.
The Sandberg USB Hub offers good performance and is, in my opinion, an essential accessory to always have on hand and close.