Rip Curl School Bag: For Boys And Girls

The Rip Curl brand

History of the brand

The Rip Curl brand is of Australian origin and was founded in 1969 by two surfers, Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer. In the beginning, she conceived exclusively surfboards. Nautical activity related to the surfing and the waves crashing on the beaches led naturally to the appellation of the sign in “Rip the Curl.
The saturation of the market of design tools for surfing led to the diversification of the activities of the brand. That’s not all, because the increasingly fierce competition and the direction that both partners wanted to give their businesses have led to the development of clothing, accessories and fashion, or, products for the sports.

After the implementation of teaching in European cities, a line of sportswear for women andbinders for teens has emerged. Now, the brand continues to plot its path and to diversify.

Rip Curl school bags: for whom?

Rip Curl offers bags of schools adapted both small to large. Indeed, the brand is available to parents of school bags Rip Curl for the CP, the this and the course means. Models for students in elementary school so are legions, which can be Rip Curl binders for the college, and role models for girls and boys.

Choose his bag of schools Rip Curl

Binder or backpack?

The choice between a binder and a backpack for child must be on the basis of the class and the age of your child. For the primaries, for example, the Rip Curl backpacks with or without wheels are most suitable.
As for college students and high school students, backpacks are advised on

With or without wheels?

The choice between a binder Rip Curl with or without castors should take into account the age of your offspring, but also of his schedule. You should know that the wheels are generally used to lighten the weight supported by the back of the small or small when his bag is very heavy!
For example, if your daughter or son in primary school has a very busy schedule, the Rip Curl school backpacks with wheels are most suitable.
Be aware that My luggage cabin offers a comparison of the best backpack for child models to facilitate your choice. Indeed, you will probably find the product at the best price while offering the best bag for your toddler.

For girl or boy?

The tradition of colors in terms of binders has been maintained for Rip Curl patterns. In fact, the brand puts at the disposal of the girls of pink bags and flowery, while models for boys are available in blue and black.
Both sexes will then be able to find the school Binder Rip Curl of their choice!

Binders Rip Curl selected models

Binders for girls

Child Binder Watercol of Rip Curl

This binder Rip Curl two-compartment model is ideal for students of the CP. His color rose and its multicolored prints will delight little girls. Made entirely of polyester, this Rip Curl school Binder ensures both a convenient washing and resistance to foolproof.
Its interior includes two large compartments for books and books, as well as a small pocket zippered and dumped on the front to store colored pencils and felt them. Is not everything, as the Pocket to the transparent film of this Rip Curl satchel for girls can accommodate the schedule or the schoolgirl of your card. A zippered pocket is also placed on the side to store tea.
This model of satchels Rip Curl closed with a flap to 2 whistles, reflects the originality of the sign.Moreover, the design of the straps has specially designed to provide maximum comfort for your child. Finally, the band placed at the front of the binder works to secure the child.

Binder Bubble Wheeley Rip Curl

This binder was referred to as Bubble Wheeley by the Rip Curl brand because of its design patterns of balloons and colors adorning it. Perfect for girls in first grade and more, this package has a trolley system, which facilitates its manipulation, particularly when it comes. Under the flap of this trolley Rip Curl package is two big compartments.
Separate booklets and books becomes child’s play. In addition, two pockets that can serve as storage for small supplies. One that has a transparent film will receive the school map or the schedule of the child, while the other which is zipped fits with a Kit for the school. Another zippered pocket is also provided on the side. It will accommodate the snack or the gourd.
Thanks to the structure of its straps, this satchel backpack Rip Curl prevents your child to get back, even when it is loaded. Actually, it was designed to facilitate wearing the bag. The security on the chest band allows to limit the relaxation of the straps. With its total weight of 2 kg, this model is among the lightest bags to trolley Rip Curl.

Boys backpacks

Binder Lettring-Rip Curl

This first model of binder Rip Curl for boys was named “Lettring. In front of its name to its design patterns of words, this Rip Curl blue backpack is ideal for students in first grade and in this.
It has two compartments that can be used to store books and notebooks under its flap. Similarly, the two pockets on the front can receive small school supplies. A lat General zippered pocket to store small snacks.
This Rip Curl satchel for boys is also easy to carry, because its production was made in this direction. Finally, light weight will reduce the risk of back pain for your piece of cabbage.

WH. Binder Lettring-Rip Curl

Looking for a backpack trolley Rip Curl for your boy? Be aware that this model patterned Lettring is ideal. The practicality of this Rip Curl package is guaranteed by its wheels. On the inside of the flap are two large compartments for workbooks, notebooks and books.
Just then two pockets, which may classify small school accessories. The side pocket of this Trolley Briefcase for boys can be used to place the water bottle or the snack. The shape of the shoulder straps allows this Rip Curl backpack schoolbag to preserve the child back, even when it is full to the brim edge. The security on the chest band will protect the child from loosening the straps.
In addition, with a total weight of 2kg, this model is one of the lightest trolley brand Rip Curl backpacks. Finally, for easy washing, polyester has been used as the main manufacturing material.