Romantic Makeup In Pink

Do you have an important appointment?, you’ve been with your friends for dinner and don’t know how to makeup? or do you simply want to out of the ordinary and try new tones? Don’t worry, we have the solution. Our friend of the channel Makeup by Ailen brings us a romantic makeup in pink tones, ideal for this kind of occasions. Pay attention to how to do it, is fairly quick and easy.
-We will start applying a pre-base brush pore conceal and, in addition, the base help to fix, we will apply it here.
-With a correction fluid a tone lighter than our skin, make the relevant adjustments. We will also apply on the eyelids and we fade with a small hair brush.
-We will implement dust with a brush, and will outline so the face copper three-dimensionality.
-The eyebrows with a pencil mark fast and agile.
-We begin with a Shadow in tone vanilla for all eyelid, a base color.
-To darken the eyelids, use a neutral brown color that will intensify with a dark brown color in the outer V of the eye.
-We will give light to our eyes thanks to a Shadow pink, applied with a wet brush on the eyelid.
-We will use a dark shadow not marked to outline the eyes.
-We maquillamos the bottom of the eye with a pencil of copper-colored, which combines perfectly with the tone of the upper zone.
-Finally, the water line marked with a colored pencil clearly gray and apply volumized. You can add false eyelashes to give a more dramatic look.
Tip: If you want to get a unified and compact look, it is very important that you well difumines the shadows of the eyelid.
-The lips with a wet washcloth start Exfoliating to avoid the pellejillos and thus achieve smooth lips.
-Lips will be painted with a pink lipstick according to
To conclude our romantic look we will apply an illuminator in the cheekbones.
Wait no longer and is an occasion to show off this makeup.