Samsung Galaxy Note 4-Still the Largest [First Look]

Samsung refines their leads-phablet with success. Galaxy Note 4 seems again to be the best in the class.
Samsung has needs for recovery. After a few dull quarters with pitiful sales and loss of market share to skiff turned over. And Note 4 is one of the key products in the re-establishment of the success mitten Korean giant.
Galaxy Note 4 represents the fourth generation of Samsung’s self-defined niche between phones and tablets: phablets. A Note to know tegnendes always by the supplied S-pen, a tool that will be wiser by every generation.
But now it is the fourth chapter in the Note-saga. The mon are worth betting on?
Goals: 153, 5×78, 6 x 8, 5 mm, 176 grams
Display: 5.7 “AMOLED display, QHD-resolution, 515 PPI
Camera: 16 MP f/2.0 lens with optical stabilization, 3.7 MP front camera
Performance: Exynos 5433 octa-core 1.9 + 1.3 GHz, Mali T670 graphics, 3 GB RAM
Storage: 32 GB + up to 128 GB micro-SD
Software: Touchwiz UX and Android KitKat 4.4.4
Battery: 3220 mAh
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g/LTE cat. 4, up to 150 mbps
Moreover: S-pen, heart rate monitor, finger print reader, available in white, pink, bronze, or black
Price: 5,995.0 €
A note is always a hamper size. Giant screen challenges the smaller hands and requires a period of adaptation before it will be easy to use. But is there a time been sold on mobile content in the cinema format are that extremely hard to return to the phones in iPhone size.
Note 4 is no exception. It is great.
In contrast to previous models is Note 4 not grown over last year’s model. A new metallic finish replacing the chrome-plated plastic edges and promises quality appearance tremendously. Together with a removable back cover made of a new leather-like plastic, ensure a good grip on the delicate electronics.
Even if the display is not greater, is worth a detour. Note 4 houses a quad-HD panel with a towering resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, and this makes it extremely sharp. No matter how close you come on is it now impossible to eyes of the individual pixels.
The screen at the same time, it will inherit the characteristic large farverrum and deep contrast that is characteristic of AMOLED technology. The combination of large, ultraskarpt display with opulent colors and contrast promises all content on Note 4 – here kræses real to the retina.
Samsung’s new darling of course shares features with the Spring Galaxy S5 flagship. To find a heart rate monitor and fingerprint reader, but the waterproof, as did S5 suitable for sport is now gone, along with his predecessor USB 3.0 connector.
One can ever even replace the battery and extend the 32 GB storage with up to 128 GB micro-SD. Samsung also offers another two years of 50 GB Dropbox storage in the cloud.
The speaker is still stored at the rear where the single to deliver sound to match the stunning display.

Created for note-taking

Pen technology is central in The use as a digital Notepad. It can of course be used to scribble notes down, but the interaction between apps will be improved. Samsung introduces a Clipboard where content like pictures, notes, websites and much more can be put to a simple share friendly file.
For while making it simpler to copy content is now equipped with a small button penen. It can hold to select text or photos to the Clipboard, just like with a regular mouse.
For images of documents, whiteboards, or plakatter the camera is also able to automatically correct the items out and make them easier to read.
Audio recordings also gets a boost. Put one Note down on a conference table, three directional microphones can now form an (audio) picture of where meeting participants, wherever you are. The recorder can now serve as a soundtrack for each participant (up to eight), which then can be played individually.

Monster forces-as usual

A defining feature at the Note series is a manic stowage of nothing but topkomponenter in the large enclosure-gg Samsung drawers also this time. It is Samsung’s newly developed Exynos 5433 octa-core, which runs the latest version of the Android operating system.
The processor includes a 4 + 4 hybrid engine. Four powerful cylinders on 1.9 GHz promises the heavy tasks like games, and replaced by less power-friendly kernels on 1.3 GHz, when there is no need for the large processing power. For games and other 3D-graphics is the also newly developed Mali-T760 must drive the many pixels on the canvas.
Thanks to hybrid-engine can Samsung promise that the operating time is extended with 7.5% compared to Note 3, despite the fact that the battery capacity remains the same. Battery charger faster than in the past, and which can now be left from 0 to 50% on half an hour, a feature that can save the day if you’ve forgotten the nightly charge.

Promising camera

Note 4 offers 16 megapixel like Galaxy S5 but one finds nevertheless a number of significant improvements. The optics opens up to f/2 and brings together thus twice as much light when it gets dark.An optical image stabilization will also ensure that both photos and video footage will not be shaken.
Together with 4 k video recording has Note 4 has the potential to become a great video platform.
Front camera is also up, and offers lifts on 3.7 megapixels-now paired with an even brighter f/1.9 lens.Note 4 also captures a wider angle with the front camera so you get it all over with, and the whole vennebanden with on selfien can a panorama mode get all with.
First impressions of Note 4 is predominantly positive, the revolutionizing not, but builds on the Note-family’s qualities with smarter note functions and a multitude more exclusive build quality. You’re already sold on the Note-family the glories of the new Note will not disappoint.
The question is whether Samsung can capture new users in the Note-fold. Do you have small hands is the phone ever-large and requires getting used to.
Note 4 However, seems as a mature product that will please more and more with its practical features. At our site the editors we are confident that it possesses the qualities of a home-run for Samsung. We are therefore delighted to look at lead-phableten in our upcoming test.
Note 4 comes in colors of white, pink, bronze and black. It is going to get Danish debut around d. 20.October to indicative 5,995.0-crowns.