Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on Its Way to Europe

Until now, it has only been the Americans who have been able to get their hands on the Hardy version of Galaxy S5, but not for long.
One of Samsung’s many versioneringer is the more robust version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which named Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and it is on its way across the Atlantic.
Until now, only been reserved for Samsung Galaxy S5 Active folks on the other side of the Atlantic, but according to SamMobile, it will not be the case much longer, since the phone is on its way to Europe.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is virtually identical with the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it comes to the hardware inside, but it is more robust and can withstand being exposed to worse things than Samsung’s flagship.
Sammobile reports that the price will be EUR 629, which directly translated into Danish kroner gives an indicative price of nearly 4,700.0-crowns. However, there are no reports of what European countries, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is on the way to.