Samsung: Galaxy S8 Significantly More Expensive Than S7?

Samsung has always managed to inspire its fans with innovations and great equipment of its smart phones in recent years. Just over one, most of the fans of the brand complained every year: The called price for the latest Samsung smart phones was apparently too exaggerated to really be paid for.
Pricey, Samsung is more and more oriented to Apple, which is technically certainly not unfounded, but with favorable competitors like Huawei certainly not very sent. But also with the upcoming Galaxy S8, Samsung will probably take its customers deep into the bag. And here are the bags information for Samsung at Howsmb.

Rising Cost For Samsung

However, Samsung’s price policy is not just a question of image. Materials, research and development must also be properly paid. The costs for this are, of course, deducted from the purchase price. As the investment banking company Goldman Sachs reports, the material costs for the Galaxy S8 are to be about 15 to 20 percent higher compared to the Galaxy S7. This difference will certainly have an impact on the purchase price.
Of course, this forecast does not necessarily mean that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be directly 20 percent more expensive than the S7, but at least a large part of it is directly shifted to the price. If the worst case and the purchase price for the Galaxy S8 is actually 20 percent above that of the S7, customers for the new flagship next year would have to put about 850 euros for the S8 and around 950 euros for the S8 Edge. That would be a real announcement and definitely in the Apple area.

Who Should Pay For It?

Now you can keep what you want, but at such a point, the sales arguments for companies like Huawei are much louder and more convincing. We will have to wait and see how expensive the S8 will be and whether the customers will be willing to spend so much money on the new smart phone.A company like Apple has its regularity and can call such prices without problems, but whether Samsung can hit the same score, we will probably have to wait.