Samsung Prepares a Large Collection of Themes

A couple of days that I showed in a comparative Gallery with HTC Sense 7 the appearance of the new Touchwiz interface Samsung Galaxy S6 premiere at its launch, and although Koreans have worked well in its software, it seems that still have some changes with the part of the personalization.
In fact, today they have begun to publish a good collection of designs in themes of the S6 Galaxy store to modify the appearance of your phone easily, simply downloading the package and selecting it from the Manager.
As you can see, There are personalizations for all tastes, from children’s and very colorful themes to other more serious, although perhaps the most interesting of those who have been through the galleries is the so-called “Modern Black”.
It’s a subject that, taking advantage of AMOLED technology, makes our smartphone an austere device that, with dark graphics, will try to keep the LEDs are off of the screen the maximum possible time.