Schott Jackets Review

This was a time I wanted to buy a leather. After I convinced of the need to have this piece in my wardrobe (yes, I assure you that this step takes time), I had become interested in market for a closer look.
So I started looking at what brands offered and, especially, watching the leather jackets worn in the street. This second stage has taken time, but very soon, I turned to Schott (inventor ofPerfecto ) because it is a brand that has a real expertise and whose prices are far from crazy.

Schott: a brand of leather jackets which refers

Why choose a Schott jacket (pronounced “Quixote”)? Simply because the brand has real expertise in the leather.
Understand by this that the leather jacket is not a piece among others drowned in a wide collection plan. The work of this material is part of their DNA and their history from the beginning. The control of the creative process and industrialization is legitimate.
It is a valuable advice I give you: before buying a piece like this, we must turn to specialists, historical market players. Mastering the leather does not happen overnight, so as to trust a brand that does this from the beginning.

History of the brand Schott

Flashback: in 1913, the brothers Schott (Irving and Jack) ride a factory for creating and New York garment manufacturing. For starters, they specialize in raincoat: they manufacture waxed in their small apartment on the Lower East Side.
Very quickly, the parts are recognized for their durability and functionality. But the history of the brand will take on another dimension in 1928.

The brand that invented the Perfecto Men

That year, the brand receives a rather special command from a Harley Davidson shop: a leather jacket, which must be sound, without to ignore the style. Irving, passionate about motorcycles, jumped at the chance and Schott launches that year the first leather jacket with a zip: Perfecto !
Schott is still today the trademark owner “Perfecto” which refers to the Cuban cigars that Irving had the habit of smoking. For the record, the first were sold Perfecto $ 5.50!

What the male wardrobe owes Schott

In 1940, in full World War II, and like many other American companies, Schott stops any civilian production to participate in the war effort , thus becoming one of the biggest clothing suppliers to the US military.
They provided car coats in wool to the US Navy (US Navy), leather jackets of (the flight jacket, or “flight jacket”) and nylon models (bombers) to the army air.
All these pieces are considered “best-sellers”, “must” and are still part of Schott collections.This military influence is also found on all other parts of the collections.

History of the flight jacket (bomber jacket)

I wanted to test a versatile jacket but, nevertheless, his character dose. So I turned to the LC1380 model, which revisits a large base of the male wardrobe: the flight jacket .
This is clearly a military-inspired jacket with a true story, there are different categories.Each is associated with an inheritance, an army corps … It should make sure you understand the differences in style to get it right.

A rise in the air

Historically, flight jacket was developed for aviators of World War II. Indeed, the open cockpits of airplanes forced the pilots to find a warm enough jacket to withstand cold temperatures.
It was in 1917 that the US Army Aviation launches the development of the first flight jacket with a set of relatively simple charge: a jacket with a high collar (sometimes filled); a zipper with a flap; a big ribbing at the waist to insulate from cold (also called tricotine). Check leather jackets on

The different types of flight jackets

In 1927, all the pilots of the US Air Force are equipped with a jacket A1, which is the reinterpretation of the jacket developed ten years ago, with similar features but the jacket size: a high collar, two pockets, and ribbing at the waist and cuffs.
Shortly after, the A1 jacket  is replaced by the A2 jacket (which has, to him, a shirt collar type).
By 1930, it is standardized and crew all US fighter pilots. Except for the US Navy (US Navy), who prefers a derivative to equip its naval aviation: the G1 jacket (very close to the A2).
The difference: A2 is equipped with a leather neck and shoulder straps while the G1 has a fur collarless shoulder lug.
A2 and G1 jackets were very popular with the drivers that personnalisaient adding the insignia of their units, drawings pinups or warlike figures.