Secrets To Fix Your Face Makeup

If you are women who hate to makeup is to run or fade either because we perspire or because you live in a warm area, say goodbye to this daily torment and prepare yourself to look great at any time of the day.
Today women are quite practices. Either because we have an evening party, went to the Beach or prefer to sleep a little more.The only fact of makeup in 5 minutes and be perfect can become overwhelming.
It is for this reason that I’ll teach some homemade tricks that have been passed from generation to generation by the women of my family and I promise they are super effective when using them.You can better manage your time and products are so simple and practical that sure you have them on hand in your home.
No more running makeup!
First nothing whereas the time which takes in makeup if you clean your face well and apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type. It is very important that you carefully lay the cream so that your skin absorbs nutrients and look clean and radiant.
Carefully applied makeup base for whole face from Sprinkle in more detail in the area of the nose and Chin where brightness tends to accumulate. To qualify it dry with a paper and apply a little translucent powder to remove any excess fat that may be.
4 secrets to a finish of ten
Did you know that ice rejuvenates your skin?
As you can see the ice closes the pores of the skin and prevents the oiliness, so it makes makeup even longer lasting, decreasing the amount of sebum and a fine texture of the skin.
Application. It is very simple, wrap ice in a cloth and wipe the face before and just before makeup. A slightly more peculiar option, is to leave your face front of freezer a few seconds, acting in the same manner as ice in cloth.
Mineral water with Glycerin
The mineral water is rich in electrolytes, sulfates, phosphates, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, among other chemical element.It is perfect for all skin types since it maintains hydrated the area and rid the imperfections causing the open pores.
The Glycerin acts as a moisturizer on skin to attract. Basically, you add a tablespoon of glycerine tonic alcohol-free astringent and oxygenated water. Glycerin can never be of the same quantity of water. If your skin is oily or mixed be sure to deal with necessary or minimum quantities such as a quarter teaspoon. For dry skin can be half a tablespoon to one. This mixed substance you can store in a small sprayer that will serve as a spray, this way, you will see your skin rejuvenated and more careful since it stimulates the skin cells.
Application. Mixes in a jar or small bottle liquid Glycerin (in the previously recommended dosage for each type of skin) and the hydrogen peroxide with a little astringent -free alcohol. You can apply a makeup brush, large amounts are not needed. In this way you will achieve a HD effect.
Aloe Vera and glycerine
Aloe vera or Aloe Vera is a plant used for beauty since it offers to take care of the skin due to its properties astringent, antibacterial, hydrating and regenerating. Dispose of it will make us look flawless skin ready for the night.
Application. Add three parts water to one part Glycerin and juice of aloe vera in a small portion will prevent damaging the bacteria to your skin and you can see how the makeup remains intact.
This was all for today. Complies with these secrets every day and you will notice that your face takes on the matte finish, youth, cool that all we want. Stop suffering because you already ran the makeup, so you no longer have to be on the lookout all the time looking for a touch-up.
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