See 5 Tips for Doing the Correct Lighting of Environments

Many homes feature well-designed decor with carefully selected objects and furniture.However, we have the feeling that something is wrong.Maybe if we changed the points of light, everything could be more harmonic.This is because it is necessary to do the correct lighting of the environments.
With the right choice of color temperature and lamp size, rooms can gain a more functional face.
Want to know how?Read this text and find 5 tips to properly light your home.Check it!

1. Choose the right sized luminaires

Many people are mistaken in thinking that the size of the luminaire is independent of the environment and ends up being frustrated with an irritating spot of light in the middle of the room.The correct one is a discreet pendant chandelier or a simple built-in model for a small room.Already for larger spaces, with a considerable right foot, the ideal are larger models with flashy formats.This adds more charm to the place.

2. Avoid reflection points to ensure correct lighting of environments

Often, when we are in a certain room of the house, we feel the reflection of light in our eyes, causing a sensation of uncomfortable vision.
This is the effect of glare and occurs because light reflects on mirrors that make up the environment, for example.To avoid this lighting error , do not leave a spot of intense light near reflective objects.

3. Use indirect lighting to harmonize the decor

Generally, when you install general decoration  lighting in the environment, it can spread all over the place.But it is common for us to miss another point of light, which better harmonizes the decoration of the environment.
In that case, distribute points of indirect light into the environment.Use some lamps on tables, dressers and bedside tables.

4. Adjust the color temperature to each room

Each room in the house has features that should be enjoyed by its residents.For example, the room is preferable to rest and therefore should be more cozy.But if the lighting is inadequate, the effect can be reversed.
In this sense, it is necessary to set the lighting color temperature according to each environment.For the living room, television and the bedrooms – places where you value yourself for relaxation – it is recommended to use yellowish and warm light bulbs.
For environments where the concentration of people and activities are prevailing, the ideal is to invest in cold light bulbs.Examples of these locations are:

  • the kitchen;
  • The office;
  • The laundry room.

5. Use Led Strips in Ambient Lighting

Want to give special prominence to shelves or shelves? The led tapes are ideas for that. They are installed in the interior of the furniture, bringing a homogeneous and sophisticated lighting. One of the advantages is that these tapes do not take up space, like the spots or lamps, and leave the environment cleaner .
In addition to this information, do not forget to also think about garden lighting .During the winter, for example, luminaires positioned in the right way can give a bold face to this space of your house.
Attention, therefore, to these tips when thinking about the correct lighting of the environments.And to stay on top of other topics, follow our Facebook page.We wait for you!