Sennheiser 350 of Gsp And Gsp-300: Reasonably Priced Gaming Headsets

We looked at the gaming headset of Sennheiser 350 of GSP and GSP-300 in the test. For 140 or 90 euro, ambitious players can do little wrong.
Sennheiser has released with the GSP-300 and GSP-350 two new gaming headsets. The headphone-micro phone packages are communication skills with us in the test – with a focus on gaming suitability, and in connection of course. The GSP-300 analog finds connection to computer, laptop or with adapter supplied to Smart phone and Tablet by double Jack. The GPS-350 offers only a USB connection in the base amount. The two-part cable is a small USB sound card. Especially users of conventional on board sound chips in the eye should cover the GSP-350.More on this later. The prices are with nearly 90 without and 140 euro with sound card in a range of exciting for gamers.
Restricts the value of plastic as a primary building material, the processing quality of both listeners is still very high. You make a very strong impression, are very easy and everything else act as ‘cheap’. You will find the most important controls directly on the outside of the ear cups. Right to wheel to control the volume, mute, the microphone by turning up the microphone arm. A slight resistance gives you a good sense of when the mute function is and when you can speak again. The headsets are very comfortable and offer a comfortable fit even after several hours of use. Memory foam ensure the ironing and art leather upholstery on the earcups. For cleaning after hours of gaming sessions the ear pads could have been like (easier) sun hood – and again can be mounted.
The cable may be also slightly longer at the GSP-300. Two metres, it can cause problems if your computer is under or next to the table and to the cable by the foot space of the table directly, but at the edges along or hide a little bit. At the GSP-350, one of the two cable lengths is 1.7 meters.It is a simple USB cable. The second with 1.2 meters begins with the USB sound card that has a button for Dolby-Surround effects, single control element, and closes with a plug which will lead to the headset (the cable is removable only with the GSP-350). With an appropriate Setup you may deem the cable length of the GSP-350 quickly as impractical. If necessary, select the Dolby Surround effect and other settings in the clear driver. He offers sound modes for music, E-sports, and gaming, as well as optimizations for voices (suppression for noise, and noise).
The detachable cable is convenient, because so you can use your own, but then waive on the Sennheiser sound card. It is a pity that accessories at Sennheiser costs proud 16,90 (three-pole for PS4 or Smartphone/Tablet) or 19.90 euros (double Jack for PC and laptop). The accessories is naturally unnecessary if it is digital only used the card.Exclusive analog insert is provided, there is the GSP-300. But who wants to keep both options open, not get around to buying accessories. After all, even cheaper cable work.

Sound and Language: Very Good!

The sound is as expected balanced for Sennheiser headsets and quality.The 50 mm drivers in the closed ear shells ensure a clean and well resolved sound. Bass is punchy, without dominating the entire soundstage. The centers are strong, and transfer key gaming sounds in that area just like language very precise and clear. The heights are finely detailed and convey many nuances with challenging pieces and soundtracks. Audiophile music lover should to look but in a different class, but that audience has Sennheiser with the GSP two headsets not in sight anyway.
The chic headphones can convince both movies and action-packed games.However, you should consider a dedicated sound card into consideration. These offer typically more power and better signal quality when compared to many onboard solutions. Especially since it would be a pity if you could not turn on virtual surround effects. The Sennheiser headsets implement very nice – different creative – as well as on the Sennheiser-Soundkarte(n) -. The spatiality of headsets is breathtaking. You immediately notice differences of to high lower – but not necessarily bad – headsets. The places in online shooting games works just fine. Compared to, for example, a Plantronics Gamecom we were different, also crucial details – about steps or attractive to opponents in counter strike: global offensive – and much better perceive and associate spatially. Battlefield 1 as another example of a feeling quite different MIDs drinking suddenly. Tip!
Compared with high-quality and more expensive (USB) sound cards would only be noted that the Sennheiser dongle could have produced something more at maximum volume. The sound is still away think about excellent and classic onboard solutions across the Board. There is nothing against the built-in noise cancelling microphone. The voice quality is very high and votes be recorded at any time and easy to understand. We have extensively tested it in Skype, TeamSpeak and discord. A simple mute via microphone raise is also very convenient and we would no longer miss.


The two Sennheiser headsets GSP-300 and GSP-350 addressed the gamer.Movie and game sound can convince consistently. Who uses a high quality sound card, access to the GSP-300, who uses onboard sound, should take the additional costs for the GSP-350. The cable length may be only problematic. Audiophile ears might miss a few details in their favorite pieces, but there’s also (more expensive) HiFi headphones.