Sennheiser Adidas Sports Headsets

Sennheiser and Adidas have in a partnership has developed a series of headphones for sports facilities.
Press release
Las Vegas, January 6, 2010-the highest sound quality, comfortable to wear and insensitive to external influences such as water, sweat or cool: these are some of the features that distinguish the new sporthörlursserien from Sennheiser and adidas. The two well-known companies launches its fresh collaboration with a total of four new headphone models, all specially designed for sports facilities.
When you listen to music while jogging or during the workout, you want the headset will produce a powerful sound. At the same time, you expect that they can cope with the tough conditions that sporting means without any compromises. Exactly these expectations are fulfilled by the new sporthörlursserien from Sennheiser/adidas, “explains Sven wilhelmsen as is Product Manager at Sennheiser. “The models in the new headphone series lets sports enthusiasts at all levels to concentrate fully on his training. Earpiece fit securely, conveniently and have a good sound, “says Fran z Brunnberg, Director of Licensee Management and Marketing Cooperation with adidas.
For optimal athletic feats
All models will guarantee you a wonderful inspirational sound that is both powerful and dynamic. The volume level can always be adjusted via the headphone cable integrated volume control. The durable and robust material makes the headphones insensitive to vibrations and harsh conditions. The headphone cables are flexible even at temperatures as low as minus ten degrees. These sportmedarbetarna are also less sensitive to external influences: with a brand new protection system against moisture not only repels sweat efficiently but also protects the lurarnas internal components from rain. After the training session, the earphones easily rinsed under the tap.
A perfect fit is guaranteed by the ergonomically designed ear bud. According to Computerdo, the Sennheiser MX 680 stereo headphones makes it patent-pending EarFin system that the earpiece fits perfectly and with a comfortable fit. With a simple twist adapted the innovative fin to the external ear. Adapters and multiple sizes on fins ensures that sporthörlurarna fits to the ears of all sizes.
Sennheiser headset CX 680 also the new EarFin system and comes with several adapters for the ears. Earbuds are both nice perfectly and they are an ideal choice for the sports men and women who want to listen to music during exercise: also, they have very good avskärming against external noise.
Adjustable clips as well as a specially designed adjust system with three different adapters allow OMX 680 sits perfectly, even under the toughest workouts. They are made of a flexible material and offer maximum comfort.
PMX 680 guarantees an extra secure fitting with its robust ergonomically designed neck strap. Lurarnas design also gives you maximum freedom of movement when you jog or during a workout. An additional feature is the reflective strip on strap for extra safety when training in the dark.
A reliable training partner
To all sports may be supplied with multiple accessories. An extension cord is included so that the cable can be extended to – depending on whether you have the audio source in your pocket or attached to the arm. To make sure that the cord is not in the way during tough workouts can cord be attached to your clothing with a smart cable clamp. When the session is over, unpack just down the sportlurarna in the supplied case.
Sporthörlurarna will be delivered to the Sennheiser customers and selected adidas sports Performance stores in January 2010.
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