Shamballa Bracelets / Instructions

Shamballa Bracelet Instructions
The Shamballa technique is a variant form of macrame bracelets. In addition are still pearls woven at the Shamballa bracelets with. In this example, beads were used 8 mm Green Aventurine.
What you need for the Shamballa bracelets:

  • 2 m cord (there are here:Black, cream, dark green )
  • Beads 8 mm size large Roses (here:Polaris beads )
  • a pair of scissors
  • a lighter
  • the best bit to the fix, as for example a Board with pegs

Now available with video tutorial!  I hope you like it!

The Shamballa Bracelet Instructions

First, we attach one side of the cord with the brackets to our Board. We thread the beads on the other end of the cord, then attach this also with a clip to our Board.
Num we take a new thread, which is about one meter long and knot it to the band with the beads.
Now take the left side of the tape and put it over the middle.
Now, let’s take the right-hand-side of the band and put them under the Center.
Now we push through both the cords through the loops so they are shaped like a pretzel.
And pull them together to a node.
We repeat this now so often the sch results in a roughly 1 cm long node network. Warning: The page on which the band above or below the Middle goes must always alternate because the node would otherwise turn.
Then we take the first pearl bracelets from the Fashionruling and slide it up under the node. It is now applied the same node technique, however only 2 knots are made between the beads.
This is repeated bead to bead now.
Until the Shamballa is enough bracelet length (approximately 17 cm). Multiple nodes be done again until the node line arises again about a cm.
Then, the ends of approximately 0.5 cm are cut off and burned with a cigarette lighter, and fixed.
Our Shamballa bracelet is now almost finished. Now, it gets slightly tricky. We take a new, approximately 30 cm long string and knot it to the ends of our Shamballa bracelet.
Now, the same node technique as in the beginning is applied until a ca 2 cm long node distance arises.
The ends are cut off again and fixed with a cigarette lighter. Now 2 beads have to be knotted just remember looking out cords and ready is your new Shamballa bracelet!