Simple Fashion Tips for Ladies

Actually, the compilation is derellung wardrobe simple if it has the right basics in closet and knows how this combines perfectly.
Today I want to give you a brief overview of the most important basics that should have every style-conscious woman’s wardrobe.
With the right basics you are always perfectly dressed and will act skillfully. Basics can be combined always wonderful and with the right accessories which are the outfits for every occasion differently.

Basics for each Lady:

  1. The little black dress because it just belongs in the closet.In a simple and your figure flattering cut.had his Little Black Revolution to Coco Chanel times. Wear it with a simple bolero and noble black pumps.
  2. The classic suit is the must-have in any wardrobe.Black is however the least.Choose best color variant that is particularly well emphasizes your color type as dark brown, dark blue, anthracite or gray-brown. It may be the classic variant or sometimes with elegant pinstripes or patterns like glen, tweed or houndstooth.
  3. A well-fitting pair of jeans for any occasion that highlights your figure.Well combined with a white blouse, small pumps and a plain blazer you are always well dressed.
  4. The cashmere sweaters… my highlight in the closet.Kashmir is a symbol of style and the underlining of the conventional type.Look here on good quality and do not buy cheap second-classical variant. I always recommend FTC, Hemisphere or Allude.
  5. The white blouse is the basic equipment for the perfect business outfit.Pay attention to the different shades of white and select the correct white color from your color palette.
  6. The perfectly fitting business skirt looks simply elegant and business terms from the same time.The pencil skirt is my favorite game.Wear it can women who have beautiful legs and where the V-line is good. Alternatively, simply select the classic business skirt in H-line. The easy knieumspielte skirt slight A-shape also looks classic and always contemporary.
  7. Beads give class, luster and fineness.Put beads aware as an eye catcher, either through the upper part, as a simple string of pearls or simple pearl plug.True, classic and simple pearl plug I recommend to all my clients, because they suit any outfit. Again select Geldgolb or white gold to match the color type.
  8. The trench coat or a classic semi-long coat: just looks good and complements the business outfit in spring and autumn.Again, I recommend to choose rather like classic navy blue or beige noble a color from the correct color palette.Trench is always timeless and if you buy a good quality, you will have many years of enjoyment. A trench coat in a double row with a wider belt looks to suit and dress always good.
  9. The cardigan is a very good addition to the Blazer and provides both with jeans as well as for business skirt with a blouse round.
  10. High heels give any outfit that certain something and just belong to the shoe closet a style-conscious lady.Who does not come with the high variant cope, simply accesses the semi-variant and selects more of a rounded toe and a heel height of max.3 cm.
  11. Noble and simple sneakers have a certain utility and represent a new form of femininity.If you work in the creative industry or are self-employed, you can also contribute to the suit.For jeans fit any case always.
  12. Ballerinas are a classic when it comes to a great and noble shoe.Fits super well for pantsuit or noble summer dress.
  13. Basics for freedom are well-fitting T-shirts, V-shirts and polo shirts in matching colors, plain and figure matching summer dresses and matching shoes like sandals.

14. lipstick and makeup in general: are Lady as the tie and watch the gentleman. The business should make up part of your morning must-read. A nice fit to skin type selected red lipstick can radiate even after a long night again.

  1. A must-have bag-a luxurious handbag that suits you and your type.Invest once in a lifetime in a little More expensive model.You will love the bag. You should be a classic and timeless model and be in the classic business colors such as black, navy blue or dark brown, so you have really long pleasure.