Size Matters Even Handbags

That handbag may not tune to a tee with boots, long ago everyone knows. But should tune with the overall outfit. Here’s how the vast sea of ​​colors, patterns and styles to lose and to choose the right one.
If you dream of a unique universal bag, that would be suitable for every combination of clothing, which could accommodate up everything you need to have on hand, then you dream the impossible.
The following tips will provide guidance as to a given clothes to choose the right one.

1. The common style

Think about what you take on. To be elegant, the latest trends, or sports?
Likewise, you will notice that your outfit colorful or patterned. Handbag should be the same stamping, at least if they do not violate the style deliberately.

2. The color

Your purse may not have the same color as the rest of the clothes, on the contrary, she was boring you. I would, however, be given to your tune.
If we wear neutral colors (brown, gray, beige, cream), add a bag in brighter colors. Great outfit shine. Conversely, colorful frenzy calms down a bit simple in shades of cream and brown.

3. Mixing patterns

Combining individual patterns is always tricky. If you wear but no patterns, patterned handbag you can afford, you will revive nicely.
If you still want to try to mix patterns, at least make sure that all appeared in at least one of the same color.

4. The size handbags

In addition to color and style, you will notice also the size of the purse. And it must tune to the selected outfit and style.
You who want to look chic and elegant, leave home most things in your bag make bulky weights, and go with a smaller purse “travel light”. Sporty or casual style actually gives space bulkier pieces.

5th Handbag according to figures

Yes, it depends on the character. Shoulder bag on Preorderhandbags should end at the torso, you want to highlight. If you have wide hips, purse should end at the waist. Conversely, lackluster pass perfectly to mask purse with a long strap.
However, remember that fashion is no dogmatic rules apply purely depends on your taste and feeling, whether you can afford a bit, even if he did manage all these rules violated.