Smart Water Bottle BPA Free

Drink water is the simplest thing you can do to feel good every day. But our daily tasks distracting and millions of us take care of your body the way it should. We just forget. Bottle of water HidrateMe can monitor your water intake and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

HidrateMe harmless plastic reusable water bottle with a capacity of 710 milliliters. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher, although it incorporates a sensor that automatically tracks how much water you have drunk throughout the day. The sensor sends information to the mobile application, which in turn makes the smartphone signal light when it is time to drink more water. The battery power sensor changes, but instead it lasts more than one year.
How to Use Bottle Bright
All we have found that a dirty, stinky bottle of water lost in the bottom of the children’s backpack after a week of inactivity, eh? (At least I hope I’m not the only one.) Well, I discovered bright bottle, incredible solution incredible company which can take any water bottle from, I do not even want to open the lid status to brilliantly clean with almost no effort on my country. In fact, once I tried it I knew it would be downright cruel of me to not share it.
If you are not yet familiar with the joys of Bottle Bright, it is environmentally friendly, chlorine-free (Yay, no bleach!), all natural tablet. Everything you need to do to dirty water bottle is delightfully fresh drop in tablet and wait a few minutes. Seriously. This is in fact, they have worked so well for me the first time I used them, I’ve chosen to rinse each bottle of water in the house, including one that was accidentally left in my refrigerator.

l with a smoothie.
With little longer soak time, but there is another effort by me, even this abomination out as new. Now this is my kind cleaning. Here this wonderful before / after stroke:
It’s also perfect for baby bottles, travel mugs (like the one you left in the car for a whole weekend with half a latte in it – oops) coffee cups colored tea cups, you name it.
If that’s not enough, I love that bright bottle was created by social enterprise called clean ethics that match your purchase with donations of product to people in developing countries who need access to clean drinking water containers. No nothing not to love here.