Smartphones in the Walk

Modern smartphones set to the lightning-fast mobile Internet LTE. Cat3 Cat4, Cat6, with a 4G-Phone you are online mighty quick on the go. We explain the standards and show the best high speed cell phones.
The Web standard LTE is no longer a rarity. Actually get the most current smartphones with LTE compatible modem on the market. Means but at the same time that the 4G-Internet is no longer limited to top models and turn out some mobile phones despite high Web speed as quite a cucumber. According to whereversmartphone, in our Photo Gallery see why the 25 best smartphones with LTE support. We also show what LTE bands support the phones and they belong to what LTE category.

The Best Phones With LTE: Cat3 And Cat4 Cat6

Each LTE Smartphone should support all frequency bands commonly used in Germany: so 800 1,800 and 2,600 MHz. Only then have reception where LTE is available from any carrier anywhere there. Also the LTE category to which belongs to the Smartphone is crucial. LTE Cat3 offers a maximum download speed of 100 MBit per second. Cat4 is the speed to up to 150 Mbps. Cat6 stacks up especially, up to 300 Mbps should be possible. The maximum upload speed is always 50 MBit/s. The standard LTE Cat5 set but was never implemented in practice, and is now completely irrelevant. What is special about Cat5 is a higher upload speed. In addition to the 25 best LTE smartphones a particularly modern and a particularly cheap LTE phone with high speed through the article rush here in our photo gallery.
For your new 4G-Smartphone you can the perfect LTE fare with our large Tariff calculator tinker.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: The Cat6 Crackers

Samsung’s Galaxy, Alpha is a stylish, compact and extremely lightweight Smartphone. In addition to these properties, it has us in the test impressed with his fast Internet. Because in addition to Wi-Fi-ac Alpha has LTE of category 6. The theoretical maximum download speed is therefore at fabulous 300 MBit/s. Can you leave your Wi-Fi actually left, if you have a mobile phone contract. That the 360 euro In addition, expensive Alpha is equipped with a powerful octa-core CPU, NFC, a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner. The battery provides sufficient to good times, the camera take photos crisp and color-accurate shots.

Huawei Ascend G7: Noble, Fast, Inexpensive

Brand new in our leaderboard is the 5.5-inch G7 aluminium back, LTE of category 4 with a surprisingly low price of about 240 euros. In addition to the high speed of the Web, the G7 collects in the test with its very long points battery life and excellent workmanship. Only in HD resolution display and the rather average camera of smartphones are not optimal. Particularly we find the Android UI of the G7, because Huawei has made significant changes to the surface. Visually and functionally all reminiscent of iOS, especially the control panel in the LockScreen and the internal search are similar to the Apple System.