Sony Announces PlayStation Mobile, Game Crossplatform with Backup in The Cloud

Just a few minutes have passed since it was announced the arrival of Origin to Android and the operating system continues with good prognoses as for the video game market refers. If you thought that the store Origin to Android was going to gain enough, most can do this with the new ad of Sony, that is of PlayStation Mobile.
The idea of PlayStation Mobile is to unify the Sony entertainment system between all the terminals associated with an account of Sony Entertainment, which are used for consoles and the consumption of media on their smart devices and consoles. This is a terminal with the certificate PlayStation that have the high end of Sony and some end up HTC One.
With everything ready, we can begin to play in a terminal without having to worry about the saved game, since in the event that we have the game in another terminal of the same it has the game It will continue from the same point it was. This is not game cloud per is that processing is done in the terminal, but crossplatform interact cross-platform.
They will not be under games, since we have for discounted some games PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and to everyone’s surprise it is necessary Some games PlayStation Vita, but not all they can by some technical specifications that only has the portable console from Sony. Undoubtedly a breakthrough for many who want great quality in Android games and you can also follow with their games are where they are.