Sony Smartwatch 2 Hangs on – What to Do?

If your Sony Smartwatch 2 hangs up again and again, you are not alone with this problem. Many users already had the problem before them. We will show you how to fix this in this post.

Sony Smartwatch 2 constantly depends on
• If the Sony Smartwatch 2 hangs up again and again, simply turn off the device. To do this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. If the Smartwatch vibrates, you can start the clock again after a few seconds.
• If the problem occurs again and again, you should reset the Smartwatch 2 to the factory settings. All settings and content are deleted. Open the “Settings” app and select the “Reset Smartwatch” option.
Sony Smartwatch 2 still depends on
• According to Chronologicalwatches, if the problem has not been solved by restarting or reset, check that the connection between smartphone and Smartwatch is stable. The distance should be only a few meters, metallic and sparkling objects can also interfere with the connection.
• Even outdated software can cause the problem. Here can be an update for the Sony 2 help. Download the latest version of Smart Connect and SmartWatch 2 SW2. If an update is available for the Smartwatch, you will be alerted to it in the app.