Sos – Save Our Shoes

high time to bring autumn code elen of the closet to life, or supplement with shoes for the colder, wetter and generally worse weather. We have previously written both general information about shoe care, how you get your sneakers white and clean etc, but here are a few concrete and readily available in-store that can keep your footwear handsome and in top condition throughout the fall.
Shoe tree
Paragrafryttarna insist on Cedar shoe trees, but it’s possibly overkill in many cases. These trees will cost 89:-couple at Clas Ohlson and works great. You don’t have to let the shoes stand and dehumidified when you come home, without stopping in the blocks directly takes care of the wood in the blocks the rest. Shoe tree in plastic is not recommended, since a large part of the feature disappears.
Shoe trees at Clas Ohlson 89:-
Shoe brushes
Don’t settle for one, but make sure that you have for the various colors you have on your footwear. This kit, which is also from Clas Ohlson, costs 98:-and covers your needs. A rule of thumb is that you will most likely treat your shoes with shoe Polish and skofett far too rarely.

Shoe brushes at Clas Ohlson, 98:-
Shoe Polish
Skokrämen complement your shoe care package from the Insjöska fixarbutiken. Kiwi has skokrämer in the three colours you need. Black, Brown and neutral, for 39:-tube.
Shoe Polish at Clas Ohlson, 39:-
Shoe horn
Shoe the angels weep every time you push down the heel of the shoes and slowly but surely destroying the shape and material of your shoes. All my friends who do not have the shoehorn in the Hall to get a gift next time I visit. Shoehorn are virtually everywhere, so be sure to buy yourself a only.
Shoehorn on 249 Designonline:-