Speaker Cable Kimber 12 TC

12 TC of to balanced, but still expressive play led the proliferation on 24 individual conductors at the Kimber.

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The testers were excited to see how the increase in cross-section become apparent and whether the small difference of the isolator would be even comprehensible. The comparison was the 12 TC with the stereoplay highlight 8 TC all clear (12/07). It a family resemblance, but also subtly different sound orientations was found though. That impressed 8 TC all clear with usual lively, almost explosive directness, the 12 TC was approved, but also warmer and somewhat balanced.
The 8 TC was all clear about the solo violin of excellent tube recording of Vivaldi’s “four seasons” (“tacet’s four seasons”, Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, tacet 163-1) slightly more to the forefront and let more nuanced sound during the 12 TC it better tied up a notch in the Orchestra and put a deeper Foundation. So it was called tie the bottom line.
Kimber Kable 12 TC

Manufacturer Kimber Kable
Price €720.00
Rating 10.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length customisable
Plug freely selectable
Building braided construction
Outer conductor insulation Teflon and V-Teflon
Inner conductor insulation
Material and type of the inner conductor
Material and type of shielding No
Measured values
Series inductance 0 µH / m
Series Inductivity 102.0 nH / m
Series resistance 4.8 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 495 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0.0010 µS / m
Cable impedance
Sound enhancement 10
Sound tendency Green
Price performance 8
tested in issue: 2 / 09