Speaker Cable Oehlbach XXL Fusion Two

The Oehlbach XXL offered a very fine high resolution fusion two (550 euro) and convinced with a very accurate tracking of instruments and voices.

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With the XXL, Fusion two Oehlbach balked obviously trouble. So he swears by his new top cable on high-purity HPOCC copper (hyper pure Ohno continuous casting).
This copper is produced according to a process developed Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute, so it has very little lateral cracks and is designed to provide a better current flow. However, the copper is just one feature of the new Oehlbachs. The construction is very extensive (see picture) but has a high inductance means.
The Oehlbach XXL resembled fusion two although not quite so uniformly the silent wire LS 12 and the straight wire octave II, as it somewhat lost the overview in complex passages and somewhat slender presented male voices. It offered a very fine high resolution and with extremely accurate positioning of instruments and voices, for which it has been rewarded with good eight sound increase points.
Oehlbach XXL fusion two

Manufacturer Oehlbach
Price €550.00
Rating 8.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Outer conductor insulation
Inner conductor insulation
Material and type of the inner conductor
Material and type of shielding
Measured values
Series inductance
Series Inductivity
Series resistance
Parallel capacity
Parallel drainage
Cable impedance
Sound enhancement 8
Sound tendency Blue
Price performance 6
tested in issue: 10 / 09