Stereoplay Measurement: Always Along the Wall Along

To comfort the sound in practice suffers not so dramatically, as have us believe the measurements.
Operated directly in front of a wall, have all speakers with a fundamental problem to fight: the sound reflected from the nearby boundary overlaps the direct sound, and depending on the wavelength of the emitted frequency inevitably to more or less pronounced cancellations and peaks – and just as General PrivatBank only leads to a steady gain in the bass and tone there could be constructive or through equalizer with corresponding attenuation in this area easily with the.

As the standing in the picture gallery interfaces measurements under 4 different angles (perpendicular to the wall = red curve, equates in most models of the normal axial beam direction; 30°, 60°, and 90° side, towards the wall) have shown, the matter is much more complicated: first is actually a bass boost, but followed by a strong drop in level, which adjusts depending on the distance of the acoustic source by the wall – and the depth of the speaker – and depending on the direction of radiation between 200 and 1000 Hertz , a tonally very sensitive area. These undulations only through speakers recessed flush into the wall you can generally avoid.

Boxes, as widely as possible as the revel Ultima gem 2 – or flat-running – like the Thiel power point – can mitigate the effects. To comfort the sound in practice suffers not so dramatically, as have us believe the measurements: in your normal listening position and the diffuse sound share decides by reflections of the sound emitted by the speaker in all directions and spreading throughout the room, operated like a wall box sounds.