Steve Jobs: "No One Will Ever Buy a Great Phone"

If Steve Jobs lived and still was at the head of Apple, it’s not certain we had gotten the iPhone 6 Plus.
There are certainly divided on whether Apple’s ahead in the deceased spirit of Steve Jobs. Many people will probably think that most are completely in line with job’s thoughts, but at some point was Tuesday’s presentation is not as Jobs predicted.
iPhone 6 Plus with an extra large display at 5.5 inches would not fit in trouser pocket-the Steve Jobs thought he apparently even.
Now of course there must be space to change their minds, but back in July 2010, Steve Jobs held a press conference, dealing with bad signal on iPhone 4. Here, said Steve Jobs, according to Phone Arena, with reference to the Motorola Droid X with 4.3 inch screen, that “No one is ever going to buy a big phone.
This quote remember Samsung is manifestly clear, and therefore has the company amused themselves at the expense of Steve Jobs and the iPhone 6 Plus, by sending out a tweet with Jobs quote and tagline: “Guess who surprised thems elves and changed their minds” (“guess who surprised himself and changed their minds”).