Stockings Winter Fashion

Okay, we understand it, the sock in sight is in fashion in this winter 2016: we saw him with white sock , offering you the look you want to copy to avoid being kitsch. Definitely not a very elegant (though sometimes on the catwalks seem so, but it is only the illusion of the parades, believe it!), But an outfit that we expect from a girl, a young person, an extravagant person, an artist … you I will expect from a premier dress to the nines? Here, Matteo Renzi has done so, why, someone tell us why!!!!
Matteo Renzi was engaged in an official meeting with a head of state, the President of the Philippines. It’s presented with a full impeccable, as befits a prime minister, with the stylish shoes and spotless… And with a colorful sock in plain sight, coming out from the edge a bit ‘too high trouser.
Now, either the premier tailor it is wrong and has made too short hemline, or Matteo Renzi grew suddenly, but this we exclude. Perhaps in times of spending review we wanted to also cut on the fabric of his clothes … Or just more Renzi wants to make the young man has already done so with the leather jacket to Fonzie, 40 years old, can do it… No, you can not do it.
Or rather, when it comes out and goes to the movies with his wife or take their children to football, he can do it. But in an official commitment, with a full elegant, with shoes so… Oh no, the colorful sock in plain view not… And ‘too much, just too much: Matteo Renzi, postponed… We try again, we know that we can do it!