Storage Giant with Fun Factor

Nokia’s N81 wants to entertain the users with music, games and high-speed Internet access. We have tested the newbie.
The N81 8 GB offers lots of memory, a good music player and also has business users to offer the one or the other gimmick. Much like the N95 8 GB has also the N81 the games platform N-Gage and a revised multimedia menu on board, which is designed to simplify the use of games and music.
There are two versions of the N81. We have tested the 8GB-Variante. To get the phone, currently from 509 euro on our price comparison. The technically identical non-8 GB version but costs memory, microSD slot for memory expansion and 2 GByte memory card currently 100 euros of less.

Facilities: More Fun Than Office

Lots of memory and the ordinary telephone equipment does not obscure the incomplete Office features: the N81 8 GB is more multimedia cell phone as business smartphone.
Telephone and data
The N81 8 GB is on four GSM frequencies (quad). In terms of phone features you rely on a very comfortable contact management, which stores multiple addresses and contact parameters. Up to 26 variable profiles, voice control, voice dialing and a voice recorder that records telephone calls and to hearing brings all the canned sounds also as a ring tone, complete the good phone equipment. Also efehlen not calculators, group functions, voice dialing, voice control and push-to-talk in the equipment list.
The N81 provides fast data transfers via mobile network UMTS. In areas with no UMTS coverage takes over GPRS. With UMTS you can navigate comfortably through the integrated browser via mouse on the Internet. HSDPA UMTS speed not match up however: In the test, it took about 90 seconds, until the site was fully charged
Different WLAN: stands a hotspot available, the page setup takes less than 20 seconds. The N81 offers interfaces USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0. At the factory, still 7.6 GB for your own content can be used. Further upgrade the memory due to the lack expansion slots cannot be but.
PDA functions
As a business phone, the N81 is not so good. It’s short for example Office applications, such as tools for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files, as well as a full QWERTY keyboard. After all, a PDF Viewer is installed. The successful calendar with scheduling, task and note management offers plenty of comfort and can be very easy to handle. There is also a full-featured email client for SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 accounts.

Multimedia: Much In There, Much Off

Also a lot of multimedia inside the fun Smartphone along with good phone features.
The 2-megapixel digicam of the N81 seems fairly unspectacular.So see also the pictures from (see Photo Gallery). A multimedia phone of the upper class should provide at least three megapixels. Nokia sets with a headset that is via a 3.5 mm jack to the phone connection. Is also a wired remote which also has a 3.5-millimeter Jack for your own headset. Who wants to and his own calls accessories, can also wirelessly listen to music.The built-in Bluetooth A2DP Steroprofil BB´s makes possible. At the sound of the player could score well. Via headset sounds the sound pretty good, but could be a little louder. You can trim the sound presets and Equalizer to your own preference.
The N81 has also an integrated FM radio. Radio and player can be easily controlled by remote control. Who wants to transfer music, photos, or videos, use a standard USB cable with micro-USB-Stecker(liegt bei). However you must be with the fairly sluggish USB 2.0 interface. In the test, an MP3 song needed 4 seconds for the transfer. The transmission of an album (10 MP3s, 58 MB) took just over a minute.
Buy music and games
Nokia makes its new N-series models via software update to an “N-Gage”platform, on which users can try out new games, can download and play. We knew the demo games placed in our test device under “N-Gage” from the N95 8 GB. The graphic looks at first glance qualitatively similar to like on the old N-Gage phones, it differs very little from expensive current Java games.
When playing in landscape mode, the N81 offers two special keys, which are located left and right next to the speaker and subtle shine if needed for the right hand.
Positive: The user should can first download all games according to Nokia and try out before you buy them. Test we didn’t yet, because games and the platform according to Nokia only available to download in December. The possibility to buy directly online music in Nokia’s music shop with the N81 is new. We could try this yet. Finally, the Nokia Shop opens its doors only in December.

Operation: Comfortable Boost

The N81 offers an innovative 3D-Multimedia-Menü. The new search function has been better but us.
Facts & figures
The N81 weighs but stately 138 grams is not exactly small with 102 x 50 x 19 mm-but is it pretty well in hand. However it not quite so high-quality feels-8 GB-about compared to the N95. The slider was shaky with our test device and noticeably rattled in the open State.The N81 with average grades mastered the battery test.Just under three and a half hours at full power the battery duration talk held.
Normally, you can use the 5-way button as a 5-way joystick. Or configure the key as a Navi-wheel and scroll then – much like when the iPod – with your thumb through the menus. The menu tops worked quite well in the test. The test device, the application of the navigation wheel on list views and the multimedia menu was limited–through the main menu we had to move still on the “normal” 5-way button.
Hot keys and multi media menu
In contrast to Navi-key/Navi-wheel, the keypad can be of the N81 well operated. The same applies-after a short adjustment period-the four keys to operate the player.Well liked us, that you can control the music player from all applications. To make room for these keys, slipped the AnyKey answer and hang-up button very close to the edge.
In the multimedia menu, rotate simply designed index cards to the points “Music”, “Maps”, “Internet”, “Contacts”, “Gallery” and “Games” in the district, and to easily access the desired submenu items.
Search fun
Almost everyone knows the problem: you know full well, somewhere an alarm clock – put in your cell phone but where?Under “Settings”, “Office”, “Multimedia” or but very profane “Tools”? There just trying out – helps and that can really annoy. With frustration in the search for little-used functions or files the N81 thanks to good search puts an end: once the search tool is started, you simply start to type the search term. Usually, you see the desired term already after a few letters. The search can be very effectively by the clean structured result display.
Display and acoustic
The 2.4-inch display 240 x 320 points in 16 million colors–thus it is suitable also for representing graphically sophisticated games. Little to grumble, we had well for the acoustics. Voices sounded sufficiently loud and of course, if sometimes slightly muffled from the listener. The handsfree is also pretty loud, overdriven but quickly what is quite exhausting listening to.

Conclusion: For Music Fans

Especially for music fans, the entertainer has much to offer. As a business phone, the N81 less in question comes.
Brings the N81 8 GB lots of memory, Wi-Fi, an ordinary civil Music player and with the N-Gage platform the most important prerequisites for a good gaming and music phone with. In addition it can be elegant and simple control. Besides the S60 phone is good as a conditionallyBusiness smartphone. We missed an Office program in the test however. Wage: The N81 8 GB lands on the 9th place ranking in the mobile.
Considered a total package, the N81 but definitely has its appeal: it beats the somewhat elderly music specialists N91 8 GB own locker.Compared with the N95 N81’s little brother is 8 GB but slightly pale – but who does not require GPS receiver or 5 mega pixel camera, can save about 150 euros. At the moment, you get the N81 8 GB as well 500 euro in our price comparison.
But let’s just at the Nokia N95 8 GB. Who reaches deeper into the bag, get our current test winner with comparable music equipment and storage volume. On top of that, there is still a 5-megapixel camera, HSDPA and the better display.