Storm and Urge

Hardly a month, not another phone as a great iPhone competitor is touted in the passes. But so far no manufacturer yet has managed to overthrow King Apple. Reason enough, the competition in November just to shine through: who has what it takes to the iPhone killer?
The Apple iPhone seems untouchable, and the mobile King ruled a term after another confidently. However, RIM, HTC, Samsung, Nokia and co working already on a new election and saw hard-working on the throne of the touch screen.
RIM puts up
The times of unique multitouch control seem to be over: the RIM BlackBerry storm also uses a touch screen with novel control technology. The entire display works here as a mechanical key, which gives a noticeable feedback when using a function.
The leading candidates
In the Photo Gallery find the current, traded hot favorites of the manufacturers with the most promising opportunities for a new election in November. Who has what it takes to topple the Apple of King of touch screen?
Iphone: Top 3 Alternatives
The other producers are busy competing for the title of King of mobile. But what sharp cell phone can overtake the iPhone?
BlackBerry storm
The BlackBerry storm roars with high winds and neatly sets to the iPhone. 112 x 62 mm, the storm slightly smaller than the iPhone, but with 158 grams and 15 millimeters is also heavier and thicker. The list of equipment leaves nothing to be desired: quad-band GSM, HSDPA phase III, GPS, Office Mobile, to mention only a few points.
The promised multitouch turns out in practice but as a would-be feature. You can mark only some list entries with two fingers on the screen. Zoom, move, or shrink like the iPhone? Error display.
Samsung M8800 Pixon
Samsung wants to stay behind the large touch screen competition in nothing and sends the M8800 Pixon at the start. The 8-megapixel phone iPhone at least in the category camera clearly stands out. Here, the Apple Phone must allow springs with 2-megapixel resolution.
HTC Touch Diamond White
A serious iPhone competitor from the House of HTC – that shines fashion Smartphone off immediately in the White Piano lacquer. The back comes with the same facet touches such as the black version. The touch diamond has everything that the iPhone 3 G also has: even HSDPA, GPS and Wi-Fi into the chic case.