Styling Secret – Codeword Dresscode

What exactly is behind the dress codes Cocktail, Black Tie and White Tie and how I avoid with invitations fat nappies you here.
It does not happen too often, but if so, you should know exactly which secret message is behind which dress code.
According to, dresscode means, of course, first of all, that a host expects his guests to dress in a certain way and adhere to the rules of etiquette and fashion, or simply the motto. For example, a large gala is a predestined event to demand a corresponding and appropriate outward appearance and outfit from the invited. Fauxpas or No Go’s will of course be avoided from the outset. 

Here, for example, the following secret codes can be found on the invitation cards:
Dresscode Cocktail
Casual, but elegant at the same time, you should appear at vernissages, dinners or birthday parties.
Styling Tip
Radiant sequins or playful dresses, adorned with loops and other ornaments are in demand here. Men stay with the classic dark suit. A tie is not required. The jewelery may be combined with heartache. Under one condition: the dress should be plain in this case. Perfectly match French manicure or trendy elegant dark nails.   

Dresscode Black Tie
Floor Length evening dresses are a must for the ladies. They are accompanied by gents in their tuxedos at galas or in opera. But also the female version is allowed with the women.
Styling Tip
Sexy tuxedos are trendy and worn with high heels, at least as elegant as an evening gown. Glamorous Glitterlider and Nude Lips as a matching make-up.

Dresscode White Tie
The secret announcement for the highest celebrations. A complete evening gown is mandatory. The floor-length evening dress has in this case a train or is broadly exposed from the waist. 

Styling Tip
For this as an indispensable accessory, long gloves, which can be stiffened only after the dinner. Combined with a silk stole or a furry bolero and as a crowning highlight of sumptuous, at best, genuine jewelry. Hair must be stuck together. A great Hochsteckfrisur makes every gala outfit perfect. In this case open hair would be an unpardonable slip-up. Her masculine escort, of course, carries a tailcoat, vest, and a white fly.