Styling Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Bikini?

Summer is just around the corner and that means to pass the test of the bikini! We help and we reveal some key styling to choose the most flattering garment for your figure type.
Fear, terror, few want to. The first encounter with our dear bikini is not always pleasant. The pallor of skin, to get back to expose part of the body after the winter… is at that moment, when they begin the remorse. What if you should sign me to the gym, if now’s time to diet…Stop complexes!
Stop tormenting you for not having a prefect body and team up to fashion to enhance your most flattering features. The secret to stylize the figure lies not in having the ideal weight and perfect measures. Trust type of bikini suitable to enhance these qualities and neutralizing the so-called defects like? It remains watchful because then from us and from the hand of Roser Samon, designer of the firm Promise, you will discover what should be your ideal bikini.
I don’t like my belly…
If still you have not exceeded the phase of discovering belly and your war with thicket remains open, quiet. The trends imposed by the bathing suit. This piece of bathroom is ideal to win slenderness and Stylize the figure. In addition, the cleavage peak, will make you seem higher. Another option, if you’ve proposed you wear bikini, is to opt for a higher bottom. It helps to partially cover the lower part of the belly and hide the tummy you want to hide.
Promise swimsuit. Blue bathing suit with Ruffles of my & CO. First Company of bikini
I have a little chest…
Don’t be ashamed for not having a voluptuous front. There are multiple options to visually increase the volume of the chest. That Yes, there is also the risk of flattening it if don’t give with the right top. A model with Ruffles is ideal for small breast (remember that any detail that supply volume in this area will favour) as well as the floral prints with colour contrast. The triangular shape is another solution. Advocates that model with filler so that the result is perfect.
Volcom striped top. Brazilian Cris Zarel fringed. Green bra with ruffle of my & CO. Top with tropical print of Women’Secret
My legs are short…
Did you know that there are panties that visually lengthen your legs? So forget the panties low hip and opts for high-waist models. You get to stylize the legs in the style of the Baywatch!
Brazilian sailor’s Promise. Panty with floral print for Women’secret. Black panties of Women’secret
I have wide hips…
Finally, if your problem are the hips, he pays attention. To disguise its amplitude, opt for a straight bottom model. Flees prints and bright colors that will bring you just a volume, and prevents loops, knots, details in this area.
Blue panties of Women’secret. Black panties from H & M. panties wide black handle
I do not put my brunette…
If you are one of the people to which costs them donning dark, quiet, ally yourself to the garment’s bathroom which will enhance your Tan. The floral prints, stripes and bright colors, are your friends when buying a bikini. Flee from the pastel shades, by very fashion that have been this summer.
Bikini with butterflies of bikiniwill. Mango pink bandeau. Printed bikini in the collection for H & M Fashion Against Aids
I have much breast…
If you have a very generous chest, forget the complexes for models that ensure you firmness and restraint. The ideal bikini is the one with straps and rings. That Yes, it avoids the prints for dark colors.