Summer Lace Dresses

The lace dresses like the style navy and floral print, are a must-have timeless in fine weather always comes back to the fore. The lace dresses are the real stars of the ‘summer 2012, feminine and sophisticated pieces that are good for a romantic evening with your boyfriend or girlfriends for an exit, but are also perfect for ceremonies. A lace dress, elegant and not vulgar, it is a precious jolly to have in the wardrobe.

Lace dresses summer 2012 Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana have an unbreakable bond with the lace that is always present in all the collections, summer but also winter. For spring summer 2012 Dolce & Gabbana collection offer us a very glamorous and chic with the lace declined in various shades ranging from white to black, to apricot and powder pink. The special feature of these clothes is the color palette but also in cuts by the charm couture.

Lace dresses summer 2012 Oviesse

Even from Oviesse can find many delicious dresses in lace, there are simple and chic garments declined in black lace but also in Prussian blue , really beautiful models that can be combined with accessories and colorful shoes in order to give a more modern touch to the classic lace dresses.

Lace dresses summer 2012 Zara

If you like lace dresses but your budget is limited, you can take a look at the beautiful dresses that offers us Zara, refined clothes and chic but democratic, perfect for all budgets! While Zara do not find the dress that suits you, you can make a jump from H & M and be won over by the line that is inspired (and teases) Louis Vuitton!

Lace dresses summer 2012 Denny Rose

Denny Rose is one of the most beloved Italian brands from the girls, a mix of joy, wit and seduction which is also found in the clothes of the new collection. Denny Rose proposes a solar dress in lemon yellow lace, short and seductive, perfect if you want to score some prince bewildered!

Liu Jo lace dresses in summer 2012

The refinement is at home for Liu Jo, the brand conquers us with a pretty sheath dress in black lace, minimal chic and perfect for all occasions. The mini dress Li u Jo is an evergreen, a leader that every woman should have in her closet.

Lace dresses summer 2012 Pimkie

Also wonderful proposals Pimkie that this year presents us with a solar collection but minimal chic with pretty lace dresses declined in white and black. If you have not yet found the dress for you can take a look also to the collections of Fornarina, Reasons, Pennyblack and Asos.