Baita balcony from the Ogilvy agency. Made a 3D site to promote new flavors of Hellmanns. It means the surfer needs a special goggles to see the depth effects and products jumping from the monitor. They used Anaglyph technology.
I received the cardboard glasses, put on the headphones and went to browse the site. I thought it was fun. Anyone who wants to try it, can sign up on the site itself to receive free of charge such cardboard glasses at home. One million of them will be distributed throughout Brazil.
I talked more about it in my column today at ZH Digital. Taí:
Three-dimensional site
Imagine needing a special glasses to surf the internet? The bizarre is being promoted by a manufacturer of mayonnaise, which has created a three-dimensional website to advertise a new product line.
You register on the site and receive a free cardboard glasses at home. The navigation is worth the unusual. Not only because of the depth effect, but because of the water droplets that seem to splash on the web surfer and even the sensation of the tomato jumping off the screen. That is, it has nothing to do with this virtual 3D world story in which the surfer takes the form of a doll, the avatar.
Oh, and the glasses? It is to ensure that each eye receives a different image. They are processed by the brain as if if only one, hence the feeling that it is 3D. This type of technology, which is on display in cinemas even here in the province, will soon jump up from the living room TV, as in the image next to Philips – the viewer will not even need special glasses via SunglassesWill.
Philips already sells these equipment for business and advertising. For the residences, the forecast is that it arrives until 2013.