Super Mario Crossover Becomes Retro Squad and Uses Crowdfunding to Reach Android

The free computer game scene we find ourselves a few years ago was Super Mario Crossover, a game that blew up with joy to the retrojugadores from around the globe. The essence was to use the world of Super Mario Bros but being able to control several characters from different franchises, each one with their movements and skills.
The game surprised both that its creator has been adding new features and some extra over three years, with his popularity increasing more than expected. The problem encountered is that you can pull out profitability but need new designs and polishing details, why has resorted to the issue of crowdfunding to get funds to change it to Retro Squad.
Requests in the order of $10,000 to get ahead and have him 26 days to get little more than 5,000 remaining. The game has scheduled his departure for Windows, Mac and Linux and if you get enough funds has scheduled his departure for Android and IOS. But we are going to matter what of all this, who are the rewards.
To get the game we must invest $15 order by a copy without DRM from the game, with STEAM key in the event that the game is accepted, by 25, you access a forum with updates, the soundtrack by 35 and the beta with the possibility of giving feedback by 45. From here are various appearances in the game in the form of appear on coins as NPC.