Surround Set Canton Chrono 509 DC, 505 Center / 2 x

The surround set Chrono 509 DC, 505 Center / 2 x AS 525 SC of Canton for 3130 euro shines with incredible liveliness and neutrality.
To tempt the Chrono series of Canton a stereoplay readers, little more should be necessary, because Chrono 509 main speakers were test winner in issue 8/2007. Similarly, launched the compact boxes of type 502 a month later.
To clarify, the talents of the Center would be Chrono 505 and the subwoofer AS 525, which entered in duplicate in the service, to exploit the set price range in useful way.
That also makes sense, as the bass reflex model in terms of surface area (22 mm chassis) and amplifier (100 Watts sine) rather to the frail counts, thus like to double its forces and creates greater freedom in terms of room inspiration.
The probably most important Chrono speciality are the double folded beading, which favor a uniform circular beam behavior in meticulous coordination on the geometry of the membrane and allow dynamic jumps, which would have dared to no one so dainty boxes set recently.
The Center is designed as two and a half way system, the cone drivers with cones get so different signals, what a less solid angle-dependent omnidirectional and a wider listening area when lying using results.
Via HD-capable electronics (a Yamaha DSP served as control center Z 11, see Bulletin 4/2008) the set showed well nourished, the Chrono typical sound characteristics, such as infectious vitality and freshness in the absence of inertia and gravel.
The subwoofers heavy handed pilots might want something more Schmacke, but the much more important in the long term sound purity was for all the first class. It not even took the well-known action scenes with U-boat rides and explosions of any kind for their demonstration.
Even in supposedly harmless cartoons like “Shrek the third” (Paramount Pictures) it ran more than once cold the testers in the face of clear and never annoying dialogs down the back. What was the precise play of the Center, which is unusually harmonious added.