Surround Set Devil Theatre LT 6 THX Select

The surround set Devil Theatre LT 6 THX select (3300 euros) presented in a stand-alone form with high quality processing and sounds wonderfully delicate and yet potent to bass.
The theatre LT 6 of the Berlin multichannel specialist Devil who offers its products only in direct sales, very different formally how also constructively by the competition.
While most manufacturers in the 3000 euro League prefer to remain rather sturdy housing made of wood-based materials, Devil at the LT venture 6 popular customer demand much slimmer dimensions in combination with extensive use of aluminum.
The LT 6 includes four same pillars, which without the dark gray granite base narrow fail all 16 centimeters, but unusually high tower with a height of 1.42 meters. In addition a landscape Center with identical components.
The cases are mostly made of thick-walled extruded profiles which stability and grab quality surpasses that of unequal more thinly skinned entry-level Devil many times.
In addition the LT 6 meets the to be complied for sets of this type of this volume class not so easy requirements THX select, which backgrounds and details on the website of hell are explained in detail.
For the boxes, this means very high maximum level, a dispersion with less diffuse sound, as well as a lower limiting frequency of all five loudspeaker at a slope of 12 DB per octave tied set at 80 Hertz.

The last part of the specifications is 6 of central importance for the LT. The clear limitation of the bass range, which should be confirmed by the user via speaker management (see manuals), is the key for home theater suitable for basic sound level from unusually small boxes.

The desired dispersion is Devil distanced arrangement of low-midrange driver in combination with a further, very small midrange driver with only 80 mm diameter. The chassis are new constructions with space-saving magnets and carefully ventilated voice systems.

The corresponding woofer with its two 25 bass chassis and upstream 700 Watt lifts the lion’s share of bass work.

Bass abundance and depth was not the slightest lack at the devil LT 6. contracted many curious bystander belonging to the wanted editors believe, what more incomprehensible pressure and superior tone clarity was the graceful pillars in conjunction with the associated subwoofer.

The initial skepticism gave way to growing enthusiasm for an incredibly lubrication-free and transparent representation, which was in total a little slimmer than the others, for some tastes of already bad Beefy sets of competitors.

The schlackenlose, not at all chilly response was a real treat, even skeptics showed great respect for the music videos on Blu-ray. For Designfreunde, the decision is clear, because the devil LT 6 is definitely on his way.