Swarovski Sunglasses

Swarovski offers us a preview of the new sunglasses for Spring Summer 2011, beautiful and eyewear female perfect for those who want the best from all points of view. For Nathalie Colin, Creative Director of Swarovski “in this collection light is distilled, reflected, decomposed, and diffused by the cut crystals,” I can not find a more elegant and attractive way to describe this beautiful eyewear collection.
The collection of Swarovski eyewear for Spring Summer 2011 is composed of 12 pairs of glasses (see http://www.thesciencetutor.org/sunglasses-for-men-2015/), but these are available in various colors so that, in total, you can choose the perfect sunglasses for you between 45 models dream.

Swarovski offers us more sober models but also more glamorous creations, in this preview you can see a frame in pink with reflections golden characterized by a faceted mood that shines the light and so do you. The other model is more graceful, a frame feminine and romantic in which we find flowers declined in pastel shades.
Maurizio Marcolin said: “More than a simple decoration, the crystal is the centerpiece of the design of this collection. Celebrate the beauty and crystal lighting was an exciting technical challenge that has made each pair of glasses an extraordinary and stylish accessory “. The Creative Director Nathalie Colin adds: “A pair of glasses is a real fashion statement. As Creative Director aesthetic vision that I have developed for our jewelry lines it has been revised in harmony in this collection of glasses, enhanced by details inspired by the iconography of the Swarovski brand. We focused mainly on the colors using delicate gradations and shades, such as nudes and pastels, for frames, the lenses of the glasses and the temples to create a sophisticated mix of shades.”